April 19, 2014

Pixar News At Disney Parks

‘Ratatouille’ Ride Opens July 10th In Disneyland Paris

Ratatouille Attraction

Ratatouille is one of Pixar’s most unique films, with the story revolving around a rat who discovers he is incredibly talented when it comes to cooking. It does not sound like an idea that would translate easily to an attraction at a theme park, but then again, the idea did not sound like it would work on the screen either, but we know how that went. An ambitious Ratatouille ride is on the way to Disneyland Paris this summer and we have just learned its opening date – July 10th!

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Disneyland Paris Is Building An Entire Plaza For The ‘Ratatouille’ Ride And It Looks Amazing

Ratatouille Ride - La Place De Remy

We have often seen the incredible work that Imagineers can produce, from the attractions themselves to the designs of the buildings that house them. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster is nearing its opening at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park, and it looks more incredible than ever. Out in Disneyland Paris, the construction for the Ratatouille ride is also nearing completion, and a buzz is in the air from all the excitement. After the break, take a look at the beautiful plaza where the ride will be located!

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Michael Giacchino Composing Music For ‘Ratatouille’ Ride

Ratatouille Attraction

There are many reasons why Ratatouille is a great film – its story, memorable characters, and, of course, its music. Michael Giacchino, composer for the film, had previously worked with director Brad Bird on The Incredibles, and has gone on to collaborate on other Pixar projects. Giacchino has also worked on the music for Disney attractions Space Mountain and Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. The worlds of Disney and Pixar are crashing together with Ratatouille: The Ride coming to Disneyland Paris this year, and Giacchino is returning to compose the music for that as well!

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More Details For ‘Ratatouille’ Ride Revealed

Ratatouille Attraction

Ratatouille is not a property that is seen often throughout Disney’s theme parks. The main character, Remy, used to make an appearance at the Chefs de France restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Epcot park, in a great interactive session with diners. An attraction is currently being built, though, at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios park, and it looks like it will be a great addition. More details have been released, about the story of the ride, which you can take a look at after the break! [Read more...]

Pixar Creates ‘Toy Story Nutcracker’ Short For Holiday ‘World of Color’ Show At Disney California Adventure

World of Color - Toy Story Nutcracker Test

Pixar collaborates closely with the Disney Parks teams often, whether a new Pixar ride is being built or a new show utilizing the studio’s characters is being developed. Obviously, for a task as enormous as building Cars Land at Disney California Adventure (DCA), many Pixar employees contributed to bring Radiator Springs to life. Disney Parks has recently been working on a new holiday-themed edition of its World of Color show, a nightly show at DCA that projects images on massive water effects. A Toy Story segment is being developed, for which Pixar created new animation. Learn more and go behind-the-scenes at Pixar in a new video after the break!

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First Look: New Magic Kingdom Parade To Feature ‘Brave’ Float

Disney Festival of Fantasy - Merida

Watching the daytime parade at Disney Parks is as essential as taking in the attractions and chowing down on Mickey ice cream bars. Thousands camp out along the parade routes to ensure they have a great viewing position and get their cameras ready to capture the many creative floats that will pass. The Celebrate A Dream Come True parade has been a mainstay at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom since 2009, but that is set to change next year when the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade will take its place. Included in the parade will be a Merida float, which you can preview after the break!

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First Look: Disneyland Paris’ ‘Ratatouille’ Ride

Ratatouille Attraction

Although Ratatouille is not on the higher end of Pixar films in terms of worldwide popularity (at least not when it is compared to juggernauts like the Toy Story films and Finding Nemo), the film is considered one of the best films from the animation studio by many. Less popular films, though, are also less likely to inspire theme park attractions, but a Ratatouille ride is finally on the way. Given the animated film’s setting in France, it is only fitting that the first attraction based on the property is currently being built at Disneyland Paris. The first image of the ride has been released, and you can take a look at it after the break!

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D23 Expo: 100+ Photos Hint At New Star Wars and Avatar Land, Preview Disney Store Products, And More

D23 2013 Media Preview - Imagineering - Image 01

The D23 Expo officially kicks off on Friday, as fans will have their first opportunity to walk the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center. We had the chance, though, to get an early look at various sections of the show Thursday night as part of a media preview. The Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion teased new Star Wars and Avatar-themed lands at Walt Disney World and highlighted the cutting-edge technology that make the Disney theme parks run, while the Disney Store and Disney Consumer Products pavilion provided us with a look at some great Disney/Pixar merchandise. After the break, find over 100 photos that will take you through all three of these areas of the D23 Expo!

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Cars Land Celebrates First Birthday

Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

Disney Parks inspire passion for a number of reasons. Three of the Disney theme parks’ core concepts are authenticity, the usage of breakthrough technology, and story. There may be no attraction that better exemplifies these three ideals than Carousel of Progress, which opened at the 1964 World’s Fair in NY before relocating to Disneyland and then to Walt Disney World. Walt Disney was a master at storytelling and Carousel was just another example of his ability to captivate the audience. It is essential that the Disney Parks teams hold to these concepts so that new generations have the opportunity to be transported to another time and place, just like those who have visited the parks these last few decades. In the building of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure (DCA), which had their grand opening one year ago, Disney Parks has once again proven it has the ability to bring senses of wonder and joy to children and adults alike.

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Pixar’s Merida Crowned 11th Disney Princess


Brave was the first Pixar film to feature a princess as the lead character. Disney Animation, on the other hand has relied heavily on princesses, who have gone on to become a major symbol for the Walt Disney company. Prior to today, there had been 10 characters named as official Disney Princesses. Coinciding with Mother’s Day weekend, Merida was crowned a Disney Princess by her mother at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Check out photos and a video from today’s festivities after the break!

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Pixar Collaborated With Disney Parks Team To Transform Spaceship Earth Into Massive Mike Wazowski

Spaceship Earth - Mike Wazowski 2

Last week, Walt Disney World held a press event to detail its ”Monstrous Summer,” including plans to integrate Pixar’s upcoming film Monsters University into Disney Parks. The campaign is also a way for Disney to raise awareness of the exciting attractions that were recently completed/updated. The event culminated in the temporary-but-still extraordinary transformation of Spaceship Earth at Epcot into Mike Wazowski. Take a look at how Disney was able to implement this tremendous spectacle, and learn who at Pixar helped make this a reality!

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Pixar’s Merida To Be Crowned An Official Disney Princess At The Magic Kingdom (Updated With Artwork)

Merida at Epcot

Brave was the first Pixar film to feature a story driven by a female protagonist. The character, Merida, was also a princess, which presented interesting questions for Disney/Pixar. Would she remain separate from the other Disney princesses since it was Pixar, not Disney, that was behind the creation of the character? Or would she join the Disney Princess roster and give the line-up its first Scottish influence? We have an answer now and it is the latter, as we hear that Merida will become an official Disney Princess next month!

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Spaceship Earth Turns Into Mike Wazowski To Announce Disney Parks Will Stay Open 24 Hours May 24-25

Spaceship Earth - Mike Wazowski

With a test video of Mike Wazowski taking over Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park leaking out yesterday, we were left wondering just what the spectacle was tied to. With Epcot closed for the night except to the press, a huge Mike projection was shined upon the iconic Epcot structure, to share the announcement that the Magic Kingdom park at Disney World and the Disneyland and California Adventure parks in California would all remain open for a 24-hour stretch at the start of Memorial Day weekend. Watch the gigantic Mike Wazowski make the announcement after the break!

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Walt Disney World To Reportedly Turn Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Into Giant Mike Wazowski For One Night

Walt Disney World - Mike Wazowski Projection

Just yesterday, Walt Disney World debuted the “monsterail,” a monorail at the resort that has been covered with Monsters University characters to promote the release of the upcoming film. Also tying into the film is the “Monstrous Summer” campaign that is currently underway, to not only showcase the Pixar film, but to also emphasize the enormity of the various attractions and events around Disney resort this summer season. There is a press event being held at Disney World through Friday that discusses these aspects of the campaign. Connected to the event, a report has emerged that, in order to help launch the Monstrous Summer campaign, Mike Wazowski will be projected onto the iconic Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Watch how it will look in a video after the break!

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Walt Disney World Monorail Cleverly Covered With ‘Monsters University’ Characters

Monsters University - Disney World Monorail Close-Up

Pixar’s parent company, Disney, has more resources to promote its upcoming films than rival studios. The Disney Parks and various Disney channels allow the company to extend its arm beyond the promotion that we see most often, such as trailers and commercials. In addition to organizing “meet and greets” with film characters at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the company has recently started to theme its park monorails in a creative fashion. Earlier today, Disney World debuted a monorail that is covered with Monsters University characters. Take a look after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Topiaries Invade Epcot

Monsters University - Epcot Topiary 1

Every spring, Epcot hosts a Flower & Garden Festival at Walt Disney World and places intricately trimmed topiaries of various Disney characters throughout the park. The appearance of Pixar characters such as Buzz, Woody, and Lightning McQueen is a given every year, with the level of their popularity. This year, with the release of Monsters University rapidly approaching, the theme park has put up a great display featuring main characters Mike and Sulley. Take a look at the topiaries after the break!

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‘Ratatouille’ Attraction Heading To Disneyland Paris


When it comes to Pixar properties, there are several that have had an attraction inspired by them at the various Disney Parks around the world. Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo have existed at Disneyland, Disney World, and other parks for a number of years. Most notably, Cars Land, inspired by the town of Radiator Springs from the film series, opened last year at Disney California Adventure. Films such as WALL-E, Ratatouille, and Up have had their characters walking around, interacting with park guests, but no attractions had been created. It has just been announced, though, that a Ratatouille ride is now in the works. Find more details after the break!

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Disney Previews New Pixar Vinylmation Figures

Vinlymation Pixar Series 1 - Remy

Back in 2008, Disney debuted a new line of collectible figures called Vinylmation, which were shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. While recent additions to the line have incorporated other shapes and sizes, the collectible nature of the figures persist. Wildly popular at Disney Parks and Stores, the vinyl figures celebrate Disney films, rides, and characters. Pixar figures have been somewhat lacking, but that is about to change as Disney has announced a new Vinylmation series that will exclusively celebrate the Emeryville-based studio. Find images about the new series of figures as well as several limited edition combo packs after the break!

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Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Pixar Films On Disney Cruises

Pixar Cruises

Have you ever wanted the chance to attend behind-the-scenes talks on how Pixar films come to life? Do you want to re-watch classic Pixar films on the big screen? Then, get this – Disney Cruise has themed four of its cruises so that they are taken over by Pixar’s films, characters, artwork, and employees. Pixar co-founder John Lasseter and other employees from the animation studio will give presentations taking guests closer than ever to their creative process. After the break, you can find the complete schedule.

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Book Review: Poster Art of the Disney Parks

Poster Art of the Disney Parks

Through Disneyland, Walt Disney wanted to transport park visitors to a different era filled with joy and free from the harsh realities that daily life brings. To set the tone, he found attraction posters to be a gateway for children and adults to connect with happy memories of the past and fun-filled potential for the future. Although the process of screen printing to bring these posters to life was not cheap, Walt felt it was essential to give guests the full experience – combine the posters with the attractions themselves and those of all ages would find themselves immersed in their surroundings at all times, with little opportunity for the mind to wander away from enjoying “the happiest place on Earth.” Disney Editions has released “Poster Art of the Disney Parks” to celebrate that aspect of visiting the parks and it is without a doubt a must-have.

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