Original ‘Brave’ Director Brenda Chapman Says Being Replaced Was “Devastating”

Brenda Chapman

Almost two years ago, word leaked out that Brenda Chapman, who was to be the first woman to head up a Pixar film, had been replaced as director of Brave. The reasoning provided by Disney for the removal was “creative differences.” Chapman stayed at the animation studio while Brave was in production, but then quietly headed for the exit after the film was released in theaters. For the first time, she is speaking out about her removal, describing it as “devastating.”

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Company Creates Subsidiary Named Pixar Petroleum

Oil Barrels

Pixar Petroleum – well, those are two words that I never thought would sit next to one another. However, this is the case after a Canada-based company announced that they were spinning off its oil assets into a subsidiary that shared its name with a certain animation studio located in Emeryville. The company has some history with movie studios – its parent company is Paramount Resources. If they were planning on creating some buzz with the name, well, they have it now. I don’t pretend to know much at all about trademark laws, but I do know that the folks up in Emeryville are not likely to be thrilled with this news. [Read more…]