Pixar Concept Art

New ‘Monsters University’ Concept Art Unveiled At Walt Disney World

Monsters University Concept Art at Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World celebrates the golden age of the film industry, with its beautiful structures and classic theme. The park grounds used to house the home of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, which was responsible for the development of such films as Mulan and Lilo & Stitch. That production building was later converted into an attraction where guests can visit and learn how Disney animated characters come to life. There is also a showroom inside that displays concept art for upcoming films. Monsters University concept art was recently added, and you can take a look at the beautiful pieces after the break!

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Gorgeous ‘Monsters University’ Concept Art Showcases Beautiful School Campus

Monsters University Concept Art - Gate Sketch

Getting a new Pixar film means that we also get to take another peek at the beautiful pre-production art that the talented artists at the studio put together to help them tell the story. We get to see the finished product in animation form, but it takes a lot of work to make the words leap from the script into the visual world. Art is created to help the filmmakers narrow their scope, a task that can be even more helpful in the case of Monsters University, a unique world limited solely by the imagination of those who work at Pixar. There is a new set of concept art pieces that have been released and they are as gorgeous as any artwork we have seen come out of the Emeryville-based studio. Take a look at their beauty after the break!

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‘Art of Monsters University’ Gets A New Cover Featuring Stunning Concept Art

The Art of Monsters University

As viewers, we do not get to see a thorough look at the behind-the-scenes process on Pixar films. Special features on Blu-ray/DVD releases and featurettes shared online give us but a glimpse of the years of work and thousands of pieces of artwork that are drafted up by those working on the film. The “Art of…” books for Pixar films shine a light on the concept art and other pieces of pre-production artwork, showcasing them on big glossy pages in a beautiful oversized hardcover. The art book for Monsters University is up next and its cover design was just updated with stunning new concept art, which you can see after the break!

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More Concept Art From Pixar’s Canceled Film ‘Newt’

Newt Concept Art by Katy Wu

Usually when Disney/Pixar announces a project, the film makes its way into theaters a few years later. While films in development at the studio have no doubt been canceled before, Pixar shocked many when it publicly canceled newt in 2010, a film that was to be headed by Lifted director Gary Rydstrom. Pixar acknowledged the cancellation in a creative way, by releasing several pieces of concept art from the film. A former Pixar artist has now shared her own newt pre-production art, which you can take a look at after the break!

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First Look: Concept Art For ‘The Good Dinosaur,’Inside The Mind’ Film, And ‘Dia de los Muertos’ Film

Dia de los Meurtos Film Concept Art

This past year has been the busiest that we have seen from Pixar, with the release of Brave, La Luna, PartySaurus Rex, Finding Nemo 3D, Monsters, Inc. 3D and the opening of Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. On New Year’s Eve, the animation studio is looking directly ahead, as a number of original films are in the works. Pixar has shared brand new concept artwork for several of its upcoming films over the next few years, which you can take a peek at after the break!

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Awesome: New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Concept Art Features Animated John Lasseter

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph may not be a Pixar film, but the latest animated film from Disney has me extremely excited for its creative and original storyline – an arcade game character named Wreck-It Ralph is a villain who is tired of being the “bad guy” and tours various gaming worlds to determine where he would best fit. Disney is looking to give the film an authentic video game feel with cameos from such well-known characters such as Sonic, Bowser, Q*Bert, and Chun-Li (among many others). It was already one of my most anticipated films of the year and then I saw some new concept art which has me even more thrilled. One piece even features a cameo from a certain famous Pixar and Disney personality! [Read more…]

Stunning ‘La Luna’ Concept Art

Art by Dice Tsutsumi

Each year, Pixar and Chronicle Books team up to release an art book based on the newest feature film from the animation studio. However, we have seen far less artwork from the pre-production of Pixar shorts – we saw a selection in The Art of Pixar Short Films hardcover (currently out of print) and in the recent Art of Pixar book. Artist Dice Tsutsumi, who worked with director Enrico Casarosa on La Luna‘s visual development, has released some stunning pieces of concept art created long before the short made its debut in theaters. Take a look at the artwork’s beauty after the break! [Read more…]