July 23, 2014

Watch New ‘Cars’ Short ‘Radiator Springs 500 1/2′ Online For Free

Cars Shorts - Radiator Springs 500 1/2

Two months ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Cars 3 was currently in development at Pixar. The Cars feature films are the only place where the main voice cast of the franchise have worked together – while the shorts that have been released have included Larry The Cable Guy as Mater, notably absent were actors like Owen Wilson who is the main voice for Lightning McQueen. That is no longer true, as Pixar has unveiled the first Cars short to reunite the films’ cast, Radiator Springs 500 1/2 – you can watch it online, and for free!

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It’s Official: Pixar Working On ‘The Incredibles 2′ and ‘Cars 3′

The Incredibles - Group

Last year, Pixar President Ed Catmull detailed the studio’s plans to release an original film every year, and a sequel every other, totaling up to three films every two years. Up to this point, we have seen sequels (and a prequel) for the Toy Story, Cars, and Monsters, Inc. franchises, but there has been one franchise, above all others, that has had a loud group of fans begging for a follow up – Brad Bird’s The Incredibles. Today, Disney announced two Pixar sequels that are in development, The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3.

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First Look: New ‘Cars’ Short Reunites The Film’s Entire Cast

Cars Shorts - Radiator Springs 500 - Image 1 Updated

Mater has been the star of the Cars universe of films and shorts following the release of the original film. The shorts that followed, Mater’s Tall Tales, were brief stories that placed the titular character in outlandish situations, while the follow-up feature film placed him in the middle of a spy plotline. For those wondering when the other characters from Radiator Springs would return, we have your answer – in a new series of Cars shorts, the first of which is arriving sooner than you think.

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Pixar Developing ‘Cars 3′?


There was only a matter of time before speculation of a third Cars film started. While the first two Cars films are easily the most divisive films in the Pixar catalog, they have their dedicated fans. The franchise is also a beast when it comes to merchandise, with Cars toys and other tie-ins bringing in billions. After the release of Cars 2, new shorts have steadily been released, but there has been no news on a continuation of the films’ story of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the town of Radiator Springs. Now, an actor who also served as a consultant for the films has stated that a new Cars film is in development. Read on for more details after the break.

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Disney Infinity ‘Cars’ Playset Unveiled With New Trailer and 30+ Images

Disney Infinity - Lightning & Holley Figurines

Disney Infinity is an ambitious new gaming platform that will allow gamers to venture into the world of select Disney/Pixar properties, such as Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean. Additionally, the Toy Box mode within the game lets the various characters interact with one another, potentially making this the largest Disney crossover ever. While the the three aforementioned properties will be included in the Starter Pack, there will be three more playsets that can be purchased at launch. This morning, Disney Interactive has officially unveiled the Cars playset. Get a closer look with a new trailer and more than 30 images after the break!

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A Closer Look At ‘Cars Land’ Attractions

Photo by Matt Stroshane. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

Cars Land has been open for about a month now, during which time the huge new addition to Disney California Adventure has been wildly successful. The painstaking attention paid to the design of the entire area by Disney Imagineers clearly shows, as you are transported to the town of Radiator Springs as soon as you step foot into the 12-acre land. After the break, take a look at hi-res photos of the main attractions and really try to take notice of all the little details meticulously planned and designed by the Imagineers! [Read more...]

Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive Pixar Collectibles

SDCC 2012 Exclusive - Sulley and Boo

Every year, huge crowds flock to San Diego Comic Con to preview upcoming films, shows…and, oh yeah, comic books. Many collectors also venture out to the massive event to add exclusive new items to their collection. Seeing the potential, many toy companies have started to release a limited run of some fantastic collectibles at the show. This year, Funko and Mattel are unleashing exclusive figures, which you can take a closer look at after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: 13-Minute Doc Tells The Story Of Cars Land

Cars Land - Now Open

Prior to its opening two weeks ago, Cars Land at Disney California Adventure had been in development for over five years. Disney Imagineers wanted visitors to the new section of the park to feel as if they had been transported into the film. To achieve that feat, years of meticulous research and planning were essential. The Blue Sky Cellar, the park’s preview center for upcoming attractions has been playing a short documentary, featuring stories from Cars creator (and Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering) John Lasseter, along with many of the Imagineers who worked on the extensive project. Take a look at the touching video after the break! [Read more...]

Disney Holiday Gift Preview 2012: Pixar Merchandise

Holiday Gift Preview 2012 - Finding Nemo Blu-ray

Yesterday, Disney provided me with an extensive tour of its upcoming merchandise for the next few months. Unsurprisingly, given their popularity, we will be seeing new toy lines from both the Toy Story and Cars franchises. With Monsters University still a year away, the big focus is on Brave merch at the moment, though, as bow and arrow sets continue to sell out across Disney Stores and other retailers. After the break, get a preview of some of the merchandise based on Pixar films you can expect to see at retailers soon. [Read more...]

Cars Land And Buena Vista Street Open To Huge Crowds At Disney California Adventure

Cars Land - Radiator Springs Marquee

California Adventure has been undergoing a massive expansion over the past few years, with Disney’s goal being to make the park a worthy companion to the behemoth that is Disneyland. Friday marked the grand re-opening of the theme park, with the additions of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street being the two headliners. Crowds lined up throughout the evening prior to the opening, with thousands ready to race straight to the new rides, which would no doubt bring extremely long wait times. [Read more...]

Watch: First Ad For Cars Land

Cars Land

There is a little over a month left until the grand opening of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, which has Imagineers putting the finishing touches on the huge expansion to the park. Much of the buzz about the new themed land has come from announcements made by Disney on the web. Now, Disney Parks has unveiled the first spot featuring a near-finished look at Cars Land. Take a look at the video, which stars a few Cars characters you may recognize, after the jump! [Read more...]

First Look: Marquees For Cars Land Attractions

Cars Land - Radiator Springs Marquee

With its grand opening looming, finishing touches are being put on Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. In the huge new themed area, there are several different forms of entertainment, but the spotlight will shine squarely upon the three major attractions – Radiator Springs Racers, Luigi’s Flying Tires, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. The Disney Parks Blog has posted some photos of the attraction marquees, which you can take a look at after the jump! [Read more...]

Preview: Cars Land Merchandise

Cars Land Merchandise - Image 16

Last week, Disney California Adventure held its annual merchandise preview showcase for Annual Passholders. With the grand opening of Cars Land looming, there is no surprise that a large concentration of the t-shirts, hats, posters, and various other collectibles were Cars-themed. There is a huge amount of merchandise that will be found at Cars Land and you can take a peek at some of it after the jump! [Read more...]

Watch: Behind the Scenes of Cars Land

Cars Land at Night

The addition of Cars Land to Disney California Adventure is the main highlight of a massive expansion to Disney California Adventure. With the grand opening set for just a few months from now, work on the new section of the park is nearing completion. Several videos have been released over the past few months, giving us a look at what it is taking to bring the various attractions in Cars Land to life. There is no doubt that there has been a ton of work put in to ensure that the world of Cars is brought to life faithfully. Check out the videos after the jump! [Read more...]

Awesome: Minimalist Pixar Posters Exude Character

Pixar Poster by Wonchan Lee - Incredibles

The creative characters and imaginative worlds of Pixar films provide plenty of opportunity for artists to create something special. Wonchan Lee has done just that, designing minimalist posters for several characters from films such as Up, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and The Incredibles. Even better is that these posters are on sale on Lee’s website. Check out the 10 awesome posters after the jump! [Read more...]

Preview: ‘Cars Land’ & Disney California Adventure Changes

Cars Land Artwork

The Disney California Adventure theme park was born in 2001, as a major expansion to the Disneyland property in Anaheim, California. The park has been undergoing a significant redesign lately, with the addition of Buena Vista Street, designed to resemble the Hollywood streets that Walt Disney would have walked through in the 1920s. Additionally, “Cars Land” is being added, a new section of the park meant to transport you to the world of Cars. Get a preview of the huge new additions to California Adventure after the jump! [Read more...]

New Disney/Pixar Game ‘Rushing’ Over To XBox 360

Kinect Rush

With the addition of its motion control ‘Kinect’ device, more innovative types of games suddenly became possible for the XBox 360. While uses of the tech have been hit-or-miss (even Nintendo has only just started to fully realize motion control’s potential with its release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword), attempts to innovate are always welcome. With new game “Kinect Rush: A Disneyž•Pixar Adventure,” Microsoft and Disney/Pixar are giving gamers a chance to step into the shoes of characters from Pixar films such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up. Jump ahead to check out official details, the first trailer, and some screenshots from the game. [Read more...]

First Impressions: Cars 2

Cars 2 Updated Logo

On March 31, I was invited to Pixar to view about 30 minutes of footage from Cars 2. It is important to note that the film was unfinished (and is still being completed as we speak), so these thoughts are not a review of the footage. Additionally, the following will also remain spoiler-free, so you can rest easy about the chance of coming across any story-compromising details. Read on to view my first impressions! [Read more...]

Mash-up: Pixar And The X-Men

Art by Mike Henderson

Mash-ups are fairly simple to create. One simply needs to take characters from one property and insert them into another. However, making them creative is another thing entirely. Artist Mike Henderson, a freelance illustrator for Marvel, took a handful of Pixar characters and threw them into the iconic X-Men Days of Future Past cover. Read on and take a look at the fantastic (and hilarious) artwork. [Read more...]

Review: 2-Disc Cars Blu-ray/DVD Set

Cars Blu-ray Combo Pack

Sequels are a great time for audiences to revisit characters they have grown fond of over the years, but they are also a nice time for studios to re-release previous films in the series on Blu-ray. Moviegoers who have not had the chance to see the preceding films, as well as those who have not yet upgraded their disc collection to Blu-ray are those who are most likely to make the purchase. If you do not own Cars on Blu-ray and you were even mildly interested in making the plunge, then this really is the perfect time to jump on. [Read more...]