April 24, 2014

100 New Collectible Pixar Postcards Coming Soon

Art of Pixar Postcards Volume 2 Set

Back in 2005, Chronicle Books released a Pixar postcard set in time for the studio’s 20th anniversary. The set contained 100 postcards featuring concept art from all of the feature films and short films that had been produced by the animation studio. Now, after a seven-year wait, Chronicle is set to release a Volume 2 in the series, with 100 all-new postcards with artwork from arguably some of Pixar’s greatest films. Find more details and the press release after the break! [Read more...]

Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive Pixar Collectibles

SDCC 2012 Exclusive - Sulley and Boo

Every year, huge crowds flock to San Diego Comic Con to preview upcoming films, shows…and, oh yeah, comic books. Many collectors also venture out to the massive event to add exclusive new items to their collection. Seeing the potential, many toy companies have started to release a limited run of some fantastic collectibles at the show. This year, Funko and Mattel are unleashing exclusive figures, which you can take a closer look at after the break! [Read more...]

Disney Holiday Gift Preview 2012: Pixar Merchandise

Holiday Gift Preview 2012 - Finding Nemo Blu-ray

Yesterday, Disney provided me with an extensive tour of its upcoming merchandise for the next few months. Unsurprisingly, given their popularity, we will be seeing new toy lines from both the Toy Story and Cars franchises. With Monsters University still a year away, the big focus is on Brave merch at the moment, though, as bow and arrow sets continue to sell out across Disney Stores and other retailers. After the break, get a preview of some of the merchandise based on Pixar films you can expect to see at retailers soon. [Read more...]

‘Cars 2′ and ‘La Luna’ Nab 8 Annie Nominations

Annie Awards

Last year, Pixar and Disney sat out the Annie Awards, which focus on the animation industry, as the studios had issues with the voting process. News arrived a few months ago, though, that the problems had been resolved to the animation studios’ liking. Following the controversy, Pixar submitted Cars 2 and La Luna for consideration by the International Animated Film Society. Nominations have just been announced and the two Pixar films are contesting for eight awards. Check out all the nomination categories after the jump. [Read more...]

Video Previews: ‘Cars 2′ Blu-ray/DVD Special Features

Cars 2 Five Disc Blu-ray Combo With 3D

Cars 2 is approaching its home release as the film is coming to Blu-ray and DVD next month. The various box sets for the film are set to come with several special features exploring the making of the animated feature. Disney/Pixar has uploaded a few videos previewing the extras, with one that goes behind the scenes with a look at the research the creative team did on the world of racing. Additionally, they also uploaded a longer clip from the hilarious Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation short. Continue on to view both videos in HD. [Read more...]

Cars 2 Coming Home To Blu-ray/DVD On November 1

Cars 2 Five Disc Blu-ray Combo With 3D

Similar to previous Pixar’s home video releases, Disney has announced that the Cars 2 Blu-ray and DVD will be hitting retail stores right before the big holiday shopping season kicks off. Included within the sets will be a brand grew short entitled Air Mater, which we described back in February as a film that would set up the Planes universe. Besides the standard box sets, there will be a monster 11-Disc set collecting the two Cars films, along with all of the Mater’s Tall Tales shorts. Read on for the full press release, images of the box sets, and a clip from the upcoming Air Mater! [Read more...]

Preview: Toy Story, Cars 2 Exclusives At D23

D23 Woody Marionette

The D23 Expo is shaping up to be quite the beast, as Disney just announced earlier today that Pixar will have a huge presence at the show. We had already heard that there would be some cool exclusive collectibles available. Now, we have some more details and images on the Toy Story and Cars 2 exclusives that you can expect to see. From the Toy Story series, there will be a marionette Woody that can be moved around as if he were a puppet (think Toy Story 2) and a flocked Lotso POP! Vinyl figure. From Cars 2, an exclusive Submarine Finn McMissile will be on sale. Read on for the images and the details! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Blu-ray Sets Available For Pre-order

Cars Director's Edition

It feels like Cars 2 just came out in theaters a few weeks ago. Oh, yeah – it did. That hasn’t stopped various online retailers from listing upcoming Blu-ray sets for the film. Amazon recently listed the standard three-disc set, along with a bigger five-disc set. It is interesting to note that while Blu-ray/DVD sets are available for pre-order, a DVD-only set has yet to be listed. Similar to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, it seems that Blu-ray/DVD combo packs (along with Blu-ray only sets) are being pushed to the forefront. Read on for more details on the home release of Cars 2! [Read more...]

First: New Video Details Pixar’s Collaboration On Cars 2 Video Game

Cars 2 Video Game - Screen 4

I am excited to bring you a new behind-the-scenes video on “Cars 2: The Video Game,” which we are exclusively debuting alongside our fellow Pixar blogs. The video details just how involved Pixar was with the development of the game. I have written extensively about the strong partnership between Pixar and Avalanche, the developer of the game. As you will see in the video, Pixar brought Avalanche in very early in the production of Cars 2, so the film and the game evolved alongside each other. Pixar employees such as Story Supervisor Nathan Stanton, Animator Adam Burke, and Supervising Technical Director Apurva Shah were all on-board in helping extend Pixar’s vision into the video game world. Check out the fascinating video in hi-def here! [Read more...]

Video: A Day In The Life of John Lasseter

John Lasseter

What does it take for an individual to oversee Pixar, Disney Animation, Disney theme parks, and direct Cars 2? Given that many of us would have a hard time managing just one of these tasks, the incredibly busy John Lasseter needs a regimented schedule in his life to accomplish all of the above. Walt Disney Studios has released a video detailing one day in the life of the director, and we can safely say that he does more than we can knock out in a week! Check out the 25-minute documentary below for the closest look at the life of John Lasseter that we have seen yet. [Read more...]

PixArt: Cars 2 Countdown Winner

Question Mark

The checkered flag has come down on our countdown to Cars 2. What a ride it’s been. We are so grateful for all the amazing artists who contributed a piece to our exhibition. Once again, it’s a testament to Pixar that so many of you were inspired and revved-up to create original art. We appreciate all the time and effort that went in to each piece. [Read more...]

Discuss: Cars 2 Easter Eggs

Note: This is the Pizza Planet Truck from the first Cars film

With the arrival of every new Pixar feature film, also comes an easter egg hunt by audiences around the world. The studio is better than anyone else out there at inserting references to its other films, sometimes in subtle ways and other times in a fairly obvious manner. On my first viewing of the film, I spotted several easter eggs, but this discussion is about finding them together, so I will refrain from posting them here for now. Obviously, there will be SPOILERS in the comments section below, so if you have not seen the film (or would rather come across the easter eggs on your own), then come back when you are ready to discuss it! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Speeds Onto The App Store

Cars 2 Mobile Game

Last week, Disney Mobile released a few new Cars 2 apps for the App Store, just in time for the release of the film. Looks like the apps are pretty popular already, as the paid version has toppled popular games such as Angry Birds and Tiny Wings which usually occupy the number one slot. The full version includes a fun pick-up-and-play game, while the lite (free) version allows gamers to play a few levels (both have links to view Cars 2 videos and images and to buy film-related merchandise.  To check out some images of the game in action and read the full press release for the game, keep on reading on! [Read more...]

PixArt: Cars 2 Now Playing

Art by Misa Tsutsui

Now that Cars 2 has officially been released in North American theaters, we have no more days remaining on our countdown. However, we still have FOUR Cars-inspired pieces to share today from illustrators Pakoto, Lucas Tavares, Dougmian, and Misa Tsutsui. Check them out here! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Grosses Estimated $68 Million On Opening Weekend (Updated)

©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

UPDATE 2 (6/26/11): Box Office Mojo has released the latest numbers.

UPDATE 1 (6/25/11): Adjusted the numbers based on new reports.

Box Office Mojo is reporting that Cars 2 grossed an estimated $25.7 million on opening day, and is taking in an estimated $68 million for the entire weekend. This puts it in the range of previous Pixar releases. Most of the studio’s films have opened to an opening weekend gross between $50 million and $70 million. Only Toy Story 3 has been able to exceed that, taking in $110 million in its premiere weekend. Read on for more on the predicted weekend box office. [Read more...]

Exclusive: Cars 2 Supervising Animators Shawn Krause and Dave Mullins Talk Pixar Animation (Part 1)

(L-R) Shawn Krause, Dave Mullins

A few months ago, not only did I have the chance to talk to Cars 2 composer Michael Giacchino and story supervisor Nate Stanton – I was lucky to also be able to talk to the supervisors of the animation process on the film. Shawn Krause and Dave Mullins served as supervising animators for years before Cars 2 was released in theaters. I spoke with them about their job, how it is working together, and the intricacies of the animation process at Pixar. Read on to view Part 1 of the interview here! [Read more...]

PixArt: Cars 2 Countdown – 0…

Art by Michael Mistza (AKA The Modelmaker)

Midnight showings of Cars 2 have begun in North America, which means our countdown to the film ends today. To celebrate, we have a few more original pieces of Cars-inspired artwork. We bring you the work of artists Jez Tuya, Lizkay, and Michael Miszta! [Read more...]

Game Review: Cars 2 Video Game

Cars 2: The Video Game

Hearing that there would be a Cars 2 video game, it was not difficult to imagine where developer Avalanche Software would take it. They could have simply churned out a little racing game and walked away with some easy money in their pockets. However, sitting down and playing thoroughly through it, it is apparent that Avalanche put in a good deal of work to make this not only a creative racing game, but one that has huge replay value due to its awesome multiplayer modes and just how much damn fun it is. Read on for my review of “Cars 2: The Video Game.” [Read more...]

PixArt: Cars 2 Countdown – 1…

Art by Heri Kurniawan

It’s almost here. Cars 2 arrives in theaters tomorrow, which means our countdown to the film is almost at an end. Today, we have three more Cars-inspired pieces from artists Sonic, SAW Creative, and Heri Kurniawan! [Read more...]

PixArt: Cars 2 Countdown – 2…

Art by Dave Mott

The wait is almost over, as Cars 2 hits theaters this Friday. Our countdown to the film is heading towards a big finish! We have three more pieces of art that were created by great illustrators Dave Mott, Fabricio Gallardo, and Chris Dicker. Check out their car creations here! [Read more...]