April 16, 2014

Brave Character Images Leaked

Leaked Brave Characters

A few days ago, character images from Brave were leaked online. I chose not to post them at the time because they were not meant to be out in the wild just yet (perhaps we would have seen them in an “Art of Brave” book?). Those images have now made the rounds online, and it looks like they are here to stay. Take a look at them here and see why I consider the release of these images to be such a big deal. Read on to check out my rant! [Read more...]

EW Debuts First Official Still From Brave

©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the popular magazine has debuted the first official still from Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave. Prior to this, we had only seen concept art and a poster, which EW has all debuted in the past. However, the poster only gave us a look at Princess Merida from the back. Now, without further ado, here it is – the first official look at the main character.

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Official Brave Website Launches

Brave Website

Disney has launched the official website for Brave, the next great Pixar film that is due in 2012. The only two sections that are available to view right now are “Story” and “Gallery.” The gallery collects previously-released concept art and the poster that was just revealed yesterday. The story section once again lists the official synopsis for the film. When EW debuted the stunning new one-sheet, director Mark Andrews commented on how the film would be a dark take on a fairy tale. With that in mind, read on to view the synopsis in full! [Read more...]

First Look At Brave Teaser Poster


[UPDATE 1: EW has released a higher-resolution image]

[UPDATE 2: Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we now have an actual hi-res image]

A forum user on DVDizzy came across the official teaser poster for Brave at their local movie theater. Featuring a beautiful usage of colors and greenery, we think the poster looks epic. With the teaser trailer arriving in theaters with Cars 2, this seems like the perfect time for another look at Princess Merida. Feast your eyes upon the beautiful new one-sheet poster that will be making its way to movie theaters around the world!

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Confirmed: Leaked Brave Image Not From Teaser Trailer


Last week, an image from the production of Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave, was leaked online. It received much attention from the online media as we had yet to see a fully rendered image from the film. In fact, the four pieces of concept art released a few months ago had been the only visual representation of the film. The leaked image created a deal of excitement for the highly-anticiapted project and had many assuming that the image was taken from the teaser trailer that will be playing with Cars 2 next month. However, the image is not from the teaser, which makes the leak that much more mysterious. [Read more...]

Discuss: Will The Pizza Planet Truck Be Able To Cameo in Brave?

Pizza Planet truck in 'Toy Story'

Sometimes a question arises that is just too good not to discuss in a group. Today that question has to do with the Pizza Planet truck. Pixar has managed to have the truck appear in every one of its feature films (except for The Incredibles) and you can bet that it will once again grace the big screen in the vehicle-focused Cars 2. However, Brave is a fairy tale that takes place in a “rugged and mythic Scotland.” It might be a bit difficult to fit in a Pizza Planet truck, let alone references to other Pixar films. Do you think the famed truck will appear in the film? If so, then how would the film team squeeze it in? Comment below and discuss! [Read more...]

A Look At Princess Merida From Pixar’s Upcoming Brave


On Thursday evening, Disney Pixar France posted what it said was the first official image from Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave. It seems they picked up the image from The Art of Disney Animation Facebook Page, which somehow happened upon it. Previously, we had only seen concept art from the film, but with a teaser trailer coming with Cars 2 next month, we knew actual images would be right around the corner. However, the image you will see is a bit blurry, pretty much confirming that this was a leak.

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Brave Teaser All But Confirmed To Play With Cars 2

Brave Logo

On Sunday night, Disney held its annual International Upfronts where the studio shared news and clips from its upcoming television shows and films. As subsidiaries, ESPN, ABC Family, and Pixar often play a large role in the presentation and yesterday was no different. With Cars 2 coming next month, Disney shared a first look at the next big Pixar project, Brave. According to WorldScreen.com, Rich Ross, the Walt Disney Studios chairman, played a “clip” from the 2012 film for attendees. [Read more...]

First Look: Brave Concept Art. Also, Behind-the-Scenes Changes.

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

EW.com has an exclusive first look at some concept art for Brave, Disney/Pixar’s 13th feature film, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the summer of 2012. A few years ago, there were a few pieces of artwork that were released when the film was first announced, but in a matter of a few years the look of a film can change. These new pieces of artwork remind us that while Brave is Pixar’s first fairytale, the studio is not looking to deliver your usual princess film. View the artwork (and an updated description of the film) below.

UPDATE: Added hi-res versions of the images. [Read more...]

Brave Release Date Pushed Back (Slightly)

The Wrap is reporting (and The Pixar Blog has confirmed) that there has been a shift in release date for Brave, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012. No need to pout too much, as it is only being pushed back by a week. Originally slated to arrive on June 15, 2012, the film is now lighting up movie theaters on June 22. [Read more...]

Editorial: Brenda Chapman No Longer Directing Brave [Confirmed]

On Monday, citing “reliable sources,” animation website Cartoon Brew reported exclusively that Brenda Chapman was not directing Brave any longer and had left Pixar. There has been no confirmation by Disney or Pixar, so details are not fully known. What we do know is that Pixar is going to do everything in its power to give us a great film. Read on for my full take on how I feel about all this. (UPDATE: The New York Times has confirmed Chapman’s removal as director, but she will remain at the studio.) [Read more...]

Brenda Chapman To Direct AND Write Brave

Brenda Chapman

There is excitement in the air over the first woman director at Pixar, Brenda Chapman, who is directing Brave for the studio. Chapman’s duties on the film won’t stop there, however. The Hollywood Reporter noted that she will also be writing the film. [Read more...]

New Brave Logo [Updates]

Disney/Pixar's Brave coming June 15, 2012

At the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Walt Disney World, the Toy Story 3 poster was removed, and a teaser poster (essentially the logo art) for Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave, has been put in its place:

Disney/Pixar's Brave coming June 15, 2012

We await a high-resolution version of the poster.

Special thanks to @PaulChadkin on Twitter for posting the picture.

UPDATE 1: 2 Easter eggs have been found in the poster.

UPDATE 2: Disney/Pixar has released a higher resolution image.

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Lee Unkrich Talks Toy Story Shorts, Brave, & Original Pixar Films

Lee Unkrich

In an interview with MovieWeb posted earlier today, Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, talks about the overwhelming success of his film:

It was very, very cool to see this little movie we made in Emeryville, California be embraced by so many different cultures around the world.

The interview then shifted to Pixar’s upcoming films. I have listed the highlights of the interview: [Read more...]