July 23, 2014

Watch: ‘Brave’ Says “Happy Father’s Day” In New Promo

Brave - Merida, Sword, and Fergus

With the release of Brave only one week away, there has been an avalanche of promos for the upcoming Pixar film. Many of them have gone the comedic route, parodying such things as informercials and fashion ads. I have always been a fan of the emotional ads, which is why I thought the Mother’s Day Brave promo was the best one in the film’s marketing campaign. With Father’s Day right around the corner (you have less than two days to buy those last-minute presents), Disney/Pixar has released a similar promo, this time focusing on Merida and her father’s relationship. Watch the promo in HD after the jump! [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine – Batch 2


We’re back with more great art celebrating Pixar heroines, as part of our countdown to Brave. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed. We will continue posting new art throughout the entire month of June. Deadline for submissions is June 15th so make sure to get us your piece soon! Contact us if you have any questions about submission requirements or deadlines. After the jump, check out Batch 2 of our artistic salute to Pixar heroines! [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine


We couldn’t be more excited about Brave hitting theaters on June 22. By now, we’ve all heard that this is the first Pixar film to feature a female lead. But it’s certainly not the first Pixar heroine. In fact, there’s been quite a few strong female personalities in just about all of Pixar’s films – including Up‘s Kevin. So in honor of Merida and company joining the Pixar family, we thought we’d salute the Pixar heroines in the best way we know how – fan art. All this month we will be featuring your artwork celebrating our favorite females from the Pixar Universe. As always, you guys and gals delivered. We can’t wait to show you all the great work. And keep it coming. We will be posting new art throughout the month of June. [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Soundtrack To Transport Moviegoers To Ancient Scotland

BRAVE Soundtrack

Pixar has an attachment to the composers that it works with, only hiring three to work on its eleven released feature films. However, director Mark Andrews and his team wanted something different for Brave, which is why the Scotland-born Patrick Doyle (Composer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Thor) was given the job. Doyle, Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, British folk rock group Mumford & Sons, singer Birdy and Pixar’s own songwriter Alex Mandel contributed to a soundtrack which houses three original songs. Find some images and more details after the break! [Read more...]

Pixar Classics To Return To AMC Theatres For One Weekend

Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

There is something special about enjoying a film in a theater, surrounded by fellow film lovers. Although there has been an increase in annoying cellphone usage in theaters over the past decade, many of us have fond memories of viewing classic films on the big screen. If you are looking to rekindle your appreciation for some Pixar classics, there’s good news, everyone – AMC and Disney/Pixar are teaming up to return four Pixar films to theaters for one weekend only. Find more details after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: New ‘Brave’ Clip Gives Us A Peek At Merida’s Family

Brave - Merida At Table With Family

In Brave, Merida’s family is quite the interesting bunch – her father (King Fergus) would rather joke than fulfill his obligations; her mother (Queen Elinor) is the serious one, ruling over the kingdom from behind-the-scenes; her triplet brothers silently partake in mischief on an endless drive to consume pies and other sweets. A new clip from the film was released earlier today, which gives us a glimpse at every single one of these characteristics. Take a look at the video after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: New ‘Brave’ Clip and Featurette Give Us More On Merida’s Family


Understandably, much of the marketing for Brave has been centered upon Merida’s journey and her ‘fate.’ She is facing off against tradition, but she will likely come to realize that she cannot overcome challenges alone. Her parents, King Fergus and Queen Elinor, along with her triplet brothers, may only be supporting players in the film’s story, but their time will come. Watch a new clip and featurette, and get to know Merida’s family better after the break! [Read more...]

First Look: Merida Meet-and-Greet At The Magic Kingdom

Merida Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom

Though the official debut is not until next week, the Merida meet-and-greet had a soft opening earlier today at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. While the red-haired character from Brave appeared at the neighboring Epcot a little over a week ago, her time there was more of a testing ground to prepare for her grand entrance at the Kingdom. After the jump, get a first look at her Magic Kingdom debut, with some photos and a video! [Read more...]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Mother’s Day Video Is The Best Promo Yet


With the mother-daughter relationship lying at the center of the story of Brave, we knew that the film would have heart. Disney/Pixar has just released a Mother’s Day video which is probably the best Brave promo we have seen yet. Tugging at the heart strings, it should give ease to those worried about the film’s story skewing towards its humorous side. Take a look at the Brave “Happy Mother’s Day” video in HD after the jump! [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Gets PG Rating From MPAA


Shocking no one, Brave received a PG rating from the MPAA. After viewing the first half hour of the film last month, I had little doubt that it would be rated PG – characters are placed in significant danger and face scary situations. While we have come to expect a certain amount of intensity from Pixar films, Brave is one of the few to feature humans as the lead characters. What exactly did the MPAA cite as their reasoning for the rating – find out after the jump! [Read more...]

Premiere: Watch ‘Brave’ Video Game Trailers

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 4

Along with our fellow Pixar blogs, we are excited to exclusively premiere the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game.” The video game adaptation of the highly anticipated Pixar film looks to continue the wonderful streak of high-quality games from Disney Interactive based on Pixar properties. The action adventure takes Merida and a supporting cast that includes bears on an epic journey through ancient Scotland. Take a look at the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game” after the jump! [Read more...]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Kilt Featurette Parodies Fashion Ads


With Brave set in ancient Scotland, kilts are the go-to article of clothing for the male characters of the film. Pixar actually designed the unique patterns on the kilts that represent each of the various tribes of the kingdom. You can eye the designs in a new featurette released exclusively by Apple Trailers, which parodies the often (unintentionally) hilarious fashion ads that play on TV and movie screens. Take a look at the Brave featurette in HD after the jump! [Read more...]

‘Sam & Max’ Creator Steve Purcell Credited As Co-Director Of ‘Brave’

Image via Wikipedia

I am not sure whether this is something that we all missed, or specifically a detail that I, alone, missed – Steve Purcell, so integral at developing the story for Brave, is being credited as co-director on the film. He joins Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews in the growing list of credited directors on the film. Cited for his work on the story and screenplay, it looks like his role was important enough that Pixar felt it warranted a co-director credit. After the jump, learn more about Steve Purcell and his work! [Read more...]

Brave’s Merida Makes Her Disney World Debut At Epcot

Merida at Epcot

Prior to her official debut at the Magic Kingdom, Brave‘s Princess Merida has started practicing her meet-and-greets at Epcot in Walt Disney World. With her unique look, Merida is sure to attract a crowd, even before she has made her film debut. However, once she hits the screen in Brave on June 22, expect the wait times to bask in her presence to increase tremendously. Take a look at some videos from her debut after the jump! [Read more...]

Merida Swings A Sword In New ‘Brave’ Stills


We have heard that Brave heroine Merida is quite the expert archer, able to nail a target dead-on from far away. She showed up her suitors one after another in a great clip released by Disney/Pixar a few months back. She is in her comfort zone when fashioning a bow and arrow, but how about when a sword comes into play? In two new Brave stills, Merida is seen swinging a sword – but do her sword skills hold a candle to her archery skills? Take a look at the stills after the jump! [Read more...]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Clip Has Merida Teaching Her Brothers Archery

Brave - Triplets Wallpaper

A new Brave clip has been available on the official Brave site and has played on Disney’s various channels over the past week. It has Merida giving her triplet brothers a few tips on how to use a bow and arrow. Of course, the three of them always have their “eyes on the pies,” constantly being on the search for sweets. They will do what they can to satisfy their sweet tooth. After the jump, find out how Merida’s advice helps them on their endless search for pies! [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Stills Feature Merida And A Few Bears


Disney/Pixar premiered the final theatrical trailer for Brave yesterday, giving us a few more hints as to where the story will go. Three hi-res stills from the trailer have now been released, two of which are likely strong hints as to where the story is heading in acts two and three. As always, if you would rather stay in the dark about even small story hints, no one is forcing you to take a look at these. For all others, take a look at the gorgeous stills after the jump! [Read more...]

Exclusive: A Chat With The ‘Brave’ Video Game Producer

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 3

Previously categorized as cheap attempts to make money, games based on properties have come a long way over the past decade. Pixar realized the importance of the art and began working closer than ever with the teams developing video games based on its films. The Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 games are recent success stories for Disney Interactive and Pixar, smartly developed to be accessible and fun for everyone, without alienating gamers looking for more of a challenge. Recently, I had the chance to ask Brave video game producer, Glendon Dphrepaulezz, a few questions about Pixar’s involvement, the gameplay, and more. Read our exclusive interview with him after the jump! [Read more...]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Final Theatrical Trailer


In the wee hours of the morning, Disney/Pixar unveiled the final theatrical trailer for Brave. It gives us a summary of the set-up for the film, with Merida being unhappy that she is being forced to marry. She is a fiery redhead, deadly with a bow and arrow, and just does not want to follow the traditions of the land. Mostly a collection of footage from the various trailers and clips that have been released thus far, we do get a few shots from later in the film. Watch the trailer after the jump! [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Hitting The Web Tomorrow


With the film’s release date being less than two months away now, word has arrived that the new trailer for Brave will hit the web tomorrow. Recently, we have been getting new featurettes, with them providing us some exposition on Merida’s story and her triplet brothers but also previewing some new footage. There has been a new trailer playing with Disney’s Chimpanzee, which opened on Friday, so the new trailer is likely the one playing in theaters. [Read more...]