July 25, 2014

Over 10 Million Watched ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Last Night

Toy Story OF TERROR!

There was no question whether Pixar’s first television special, Toy Story of Terror, would be successful, especially given the sheer popularity of the franchise. Pixar also makes bringing millions of viewers to theaters look incredibly easy, as there is a certain level of trust that audiences have developed in the Pixar brand. The TV special aired last night and it surprised no one to see it bring in droves of viewers. Read more about the numbers after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Crosses $700 Million Mark


It is challenging to decide which is more impressive – Pixar’s strong track record with the quality of its films or the studio’s ability to consistently release films that are immensely successful financially. Pixar films have grossed a combined $8 billion worldwide, demonstrating the animation studio’s worldwide popularity. There was no question that Monsters University would continue to rain financial success upon Pixar this year. Just last week, the film crossed the $700 million mark, making it the studio’s fourth highest grossing film worldwide.

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‘Monsters University’ Takes Top Spot Again In Second Weekend


It is customary for films’ box office take to drop 50% or more in their second weekends, especially when considering franchises. The idea is that there is a built-in audience excited to view the films during opening weekend, and then come their second weekend, there is a significant dip in the number of interested parties. Positive word-of-mouth is a major force that prevents large drops, something we have seen often with Pixar films. In its second weekend, Monsters University performed admirably, dropping only 44%, and stayed at the top of the box office. Read about all the numbers after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Opens Big With $82 Million (Updated)


While Pixar films have received mixed responses from critics over the last few years, the general public continues to come out in droves. The Pixar brand is the strongest in Hollywood, with all 13 of its prior films debuting at the top spot of the weekend box office during their opening weekends. In North America alone, those films have together brought in over $3 billion. Monsters University, which opened this past weekend, has kept the perfect streak going, raking in approximately $82 million. Find more details after the break!

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‘Brave’ Crosses $200 Million Mark At The Box Office


Pixar films have a phenomenally consistent record at the box office, averaging well over $200 million in North America alone. Before last week, nine of the previously released 12 films from the animation studio had settled at a number larger than $200 million. Brave has followed in the footsteps of those films and just last week joined them, crossing the mark last Wednesday. Factoring in the film’s gross from this weekend, it climbed the chart of Pixar films to become the ninth biggest (domestically) from the studio. [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Stays Strong In Third Weekend, Closing In On $200 Million


More than sheer spectacle is necessary if a film is to maintain some strength throughout its box office run. If it suffers from bad word-of-mouth, odds are that the numbers will experience percentage drops of more than 50% in subsequent weekends. More often than not, Pixar films have stayed strong in their third and fourth weekends and beyond, making the Pixar brand extremely bankable. Pixar’s Brave grossed an estimated $20 million in its third weekend, which now has it closing in upon the $200 million mark. [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Adds Estimated $34 Million In Its Second Weekend


Box office success depends on more than the opening weekend, as those who are the most excited to see a film will go see it as early as they can. The real challenge for studios is bringing in the audience that is on the fence – a good film will usually accomplish that with the circulation of positive word-of-mouth. Last weekend, Brave took in over $66 million, and many box office analysts expected it to hold rather well in its second weekend, with two R-rated films opening. While it did not maintain the number one spot, Pixar’s latest was still up to the challenge and brought home an estimated $34 million. After the break, we take a closer look at how Brave is holding up against its Pixar brethren. [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Opens To $66 Million – Pixar Continues To Be A Force At The Box Office

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Pixar has been enjoying an incredible run of success stories, dating all the way back to Toy Story, its first feature film, and the first feature-length computer animated film in the industry. Before this weekend, the studio had released 12 feature films in theaters, and all 12 of them had opened at the number one slot at the box office during its opening weekend. Pixar seems unstoppable in that department, as Brave officially lengthened that streak to 13, bringing in over $66 million in North America this weekend. [Read more...]

Cars 2 Grosses Estimated $68 Million On Opening Weekend (Updated)

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UPDATE 2 (6/26/11): Box Office Mojo has released the latest numbers.

UPDATE 1 (6/25/11): Adjusted the numbers based on new reports.

Box Office Mojo is reporting that Cars 2 grossed an estimated $25.7 million on opening day, and is taking in an estimated $68 million for the entire weekend. This puts it in the range of previous Pixar releases. Most of the studio’s films have opened to an opening weekend gross between $50 million and $70 million. Only Toy Story 3 has been able to exceed that, taking in $110 million in its premiere weekend. Read on for more on the predicted weekend box office. [Read more...]

Box Office Roundup: Toy Story 3 Smashes More Records

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Audiences are still enjoying Toy Story 3 in theaters, even though the film was released over 2 months ago in many parts of the world. In the U.S. and Canada, Disney and Pixar decided to expand the amount of theaters playing the film to over 1500 (an increase of about 900) to take advantage of the holiday weekend. Think of it as a last hurrah before the film will leave theaters behind in favor of DVD and Blu-ray players. The theater expansion predictably benefited the third part of the Toy Story franchise, with a 3-day weekend box office gross of $1.94 million (92% increase over the same period last week). The box office take over the 4-day holiday weekend was $2.7 million, bringing its total North American tally to $408.89 million (#9 all time). [Read more...]

Box Office Roundup: Toy Story 3 Officially Passes A Billion

TOY STORY 3 Big Cast

It had only been done six times before. An animated film had never achieved it. This past weekend, Toy Story 3 joined the exclusive billion-dollar club, bringing its worldwide total to about $1.01 billion. It also passed The Dark Knight in the process to lay claim to the #6 spot on the all-time worldwide list. [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 Will Cross $1 Billion Today

Toy Story 3BURBANK, Calif., Aug. 27 – Two weeks after becoming the highest-grossing animated film of all time, Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3 will cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office today, joining Alice in Wonderland as the second $1 billion film this year from The Walt Disney Studios – the first studio in history to accomplish this feat. Disney first crossed the $1 billion threshold with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest in 2006. Toy Story 3 becomes the only animated film to reach this milestone and the seventh title in industry history. [Read more...]

Box Office Roundup: Toy Story 3 Takes Over #9 Spot All-Time

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3Well, that didn’t last long. After passing Transformers 2 just a few days ago, Toy Story 3 passed Spider-Man to become the ninth-highest grossing film in North America. Toy Story 3 officially grossed about $1.5 million the weekend spanning August 20-22 to bring its domestic total to $403.8 million. With the eighth biggest film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, at $423.3 million, Pixar’s newest film will stay in the number nine spot until the end of its theatrical run. [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 Now #10 All-Time in North America

Copyright Disney/PixarWith yesterday’s gross of $332,604 in the U.S. and Canada, Toy Story 3 has broken through into the Top 10 All-Time at the box office. Passing Transformers 2, Toy Story 3 currently stands at a total of $402,280,518 domestically. [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 Now Highest-Grossing Animated Film In History

Toy Story 3 coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on Nov. 2

BURBANK, Calif. – August 13, 2010 – With record-breaking box office tallies around the world, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 has become the highest-grossing animated film of all time taking in more than $920 million at the global box office to date. This weekend, the critically acclaimed Toy Story 3 is expected to become Disney’s second film to cross the $400 million domestic threshold and currently ranks as the 4th highest grossing film in company history globally. “In 1995, the talented team at Pixar introduced a cowboy, a space ranger and their friends who have gone on to become some of the most beloved characters in the world. The success of Toy Story is due to the tremendously creative and innovative team at Pixar, led by John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, and our incredible marketing and distribution teams around the world,” said Rich Ross, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. “In Toy Story 3, director Lee Unkrich, producer Darla Anderson and the incredible team at Pixar have given audiences a film that continued the rich storytelling and character building that have become synonymous with every Pixar release.” [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 Now Highest Grossing Pixar Film

Toy Story 3 is now in theaters

This past weekend, Toy Story 3 passed Finding Nemo to become the all-time leader at the box office for Pixar Animation Studios. As of August 8, the North American total stood at over $396 million, with the rest of the world bringing in about $498 million, for a worldwide total of $895 million. During its run in 2003, Finding Nemo accumulated $867 million worldwide. [Read more...]

It’s Official: Toy Story 3 Is Pixar’s Biggest Film EVER in North America (Updated)

Copyright Disney/Pixar

Toy Story 3 is now in theaters

After debuting with the largest opening weekend ever for an animated feature, Toy Story 3 has officially overtaken Finding Nemo to become Pixar’s most successful film ever in the US and Canda. The box office gross of about $2.8 million for Monday, Jul 12 brings the total gross for the new entry in the Toy Story franchise to an astounding $342 million, enough to pass Finding Nemo‘s $339.7 million. [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 Holds With $10.46M on Friday

Toy Story 3 is now in theaters

With the coming of the new entry in the Twilight Saga, it was inevitable that Toy Story 3 would not be able to hold onto the number one spot at the box office for a third straight weekend. However, even with increased competition from Eclipse and The Last Airbender, the new Toy Story film had a $10.4 million take in North America on Friday, July 2, a drop of 42% from the previous Friday. That brings the total North American box office gross for Toy Story 3 to $269.3 million.

This weekend also happens to be a holiday weekend in the United States, as its Independence Day falls on Sunday, July 4. Many businesses will also be closed on Monday, extending the holiday weekend by another day, allowing more families to hit movie theaters. Come Monday, Toy Story 3 may become Pixar’s second film to cross the $300 million mark. The studio’s first film to do so? Finding Nemo ultimately grossed $339.7 million in North America, puting Toy Story 3 on track to take the title of Pixar’s biggest film.

Toy Story 3 Atop The Box Office Again As It Crosses $200 Million Mark

Copyright Disney/Pixar

Toy Story 3 is now in theaters

For the second straight weekend, Toy Story 3 grabbed the top spot at the North American box office, grossing an estimated $59 million across the three days spanning June 25-27. Its total gross in the US and Canada now stands at $226.6 million.

After 10 days in theaters, Pixar’s newest critical darling has already become one of the top grossers of the year, standing at number four. The only films released this year that brought in more money in North America are Alice in Wonderland ($334 million), Iron Man 2 (currently at $306 million), and Shrek Forever After (currently at $227 million).

This weekend’s new releases, Grown Ups (estimated $41 million) and Knight and Day (estimated $20.5 million) debuted in the number two and three spots, respectively. Coming in at number four, The Karate Kid grossed an additional estimated $15.4 million to bring its total gross up to $135.6 million after three weekends of release.

Toy Story 3‘s second weekend at the box office had a drop of about 47% from its opening weekend gross of $110 million. Many films that open in the $100 million range tend to drop over 50% in their next weekend. Just this year, Iron Man 2 dropped almost 60% in its second weekend after an opening weekend of $128 million. This shows some momentum for Toy Story 3 as it tries to become Pixar’s highest grossing film. Finding Nemo became the studio’s number one film at the North American box office after being released in 2003, with a total of $339.7 million. If Toy Story 3 continues at this rate, it may have a chance.

Source : Box Office Mojo

More Toy Story 3 Box Office Numbers (Updated)

Toy Story 3 debuted in theaters on June 18

In addition to the 110.3 million Toy Story 3 earned in ticket sales in the US and Canada, the new Pixar film also generated about $44.8 million at the international box office. Overseas, the film opened in 15 countries. There are many large international markets that have yet to see its release, including the UK, which will see Toy Story 3 released in late July.

More numbers are also emerging about the US and Canadian box office this past weekend (June 18-20). Toy Story 3 amassed $4 million from midnight screenings in the very early hours on Friday morning. The franchise debuted in 1995, when Pixar released the original Toy Story. That is a fifteen-year difference between the first and third entries, allowing a growth of a large fan base of adults who grew up with the films, and children who loved seeing the toys again. Eleven years of anticipation for the return of Andy’s toys to the movie theaters likely increased the popularity of midnight showings for the film.

The 110.3 million made by Toy Story 3 is also the most ever during this weekend in June.

Update: Changed the estimated weekend to totals to actual ($110.3 million)

Source: LA Times