First Look: ‘Art Of Inside Out’ Hardcover

Inside Out - Joy Concept Art

There is no debate as to the sheer beauty of the visuals seen in Pixar’s films – from the animation to the lighting, each sequence is stacked with tiny details that warrant repeat viewings to fully appreciate. During the development cycle of the films, an extraordinary amount of conceptual artwork is drawn up by the talented artists at the studio. The film’s art books are the best in-depth look into the gorgeous art we would otherwise rarely see. After the break, take a look at the cover of the upcoming Art of Inside Out book! [Read more…]

Watch: New ‘Inside Out’ TV Spot Features A Brain Freeze


Pixar is at a point where it needs little marketing in order to encourage moviegoers to flock to its films. It is a characteristic that other studios would kill for – the ability to draw people in droves based on a brand alone. Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t see trailers, posters, and TV ads for Pixar films. A new television spot for its next film, Inside Out, has been released – you can watch it after the break! [Read more…]

Pixar Making Its First Feature-Length Musical?

Dia de los Meurtos Film Concept Art

In its films, Pixar has tackled a broad number of genres, from the buddy comedy to superhero fare and even science fiction. None of those, however, have been musicals. The closest we have seen to a musical from Pixar was the short Boundin’, but even that had a good deal of narration mixed in. The studio’s next short, Lava, in which a volcano longs for love, is expected to be Pixar’s first real musical. The animation house may also be developing a musical feature film now. Find more details after the break! [Read more…]

Pixar Film Festival Headed To Australia

Pixar Film Festival

Film festivals mostly tend to feature a wide collection of upcoming indie films, including many of which that are seeking out major studios for distribution to audiences around the world. Sometimes, though, festivals are put together to celebrate a certain theme or genre, with the moviegoing public allowed to enjoy previously released acclaimed films. There is a film festival comprised solely of Pixar films that is on the way – thing is, though, you’ll have to live in or travel to Australia to experience it! [Read more…]

Cars Land Getting A New Attraction In 2016

Cars Land - Luigi's Flying Tires - New Version

The grand redesign of the Disney California Adventure theme park, which was completed in 2012, featured two major changes – Buena Vista Street would provide the park with its own version of Main Street, U.S.A, and Cars Land would be the first “land” in a Disney park fully recreating a film setting. Both additions have been meet with universally rave reviews, but that does not mean everything was perfect. Disney has announced a completely new version of the Luigi’s Flying Tires attraction will soon be installed. Find more details after the break! [Read more…]

LEGO Announces WALL-E Set Is On The Way


LEGO allows fans to submit ideas for new sets, and boy are there some incredibly creative designs that are put together. Once 10,000 people support a project, the company puts it through a lengthy review phase along with other projects. Only a limited number of designs ever receive final approval to move ahead to the manufacturing stage. A few months back, a WALL-E set made it to the review phase – LEGO has now announced that it has been approved and it will be released in stores! [Read more…]

Watch: New ‘Inside Out’ Footage Debuts During Puppy Bowl

Inside Out - Puppy Bowl

Inside Out, the next Pixar film from visionary director Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc., Up), is a little over four months away. Given that we have not seen a feature film from the studio since June 2013, when Monsters University made its debut, there is some extra excitement surrounding the upcoming film. It also helps that everything we have seen so far hints at another great film. After the break, take a peek at some additional animation featuring the main characters! [Read more…]