Preview Upcoming ‘Inside Out’ Toys

Inside Out Toys - Joy (Preview)

There are several Pixar franchises that have proven to be incredibly successful when it comes to the associated merchandise. Toy Story toys continue to see huge sales, and Cars characters can be found on everything from bed sheets to gummy snacks. The studio’s next film, Inside Out, features five characters that are practically perfect for the toy market. After the break, get a glimpse at some of the toys that will arrive alongside the film! [Read more…]

New ‘Inside Out’ Image Shows How Memory Works

Inside Out - Memory

The mind is impossibly complex, with scientists still not understanding how a good portion of it works. Of course, that didn’t prevent Pete Docter from making a film on the workings of the mind. Inside Out is the latest film from the director who brought us Monsters, Inc. and Up, two of Pixar’s best films, which says if there is anyone who can make a great (and relatable) film about the mind and make it creative and enjoyable, it’s Docter. After the break, take a look at a new image from the film which shows how memory works in the mind! [Read more…]

Concept Art For The ‘Toy Story 3′ You Never Saw

Circle 7 Toy Story 3 - Featured Image

Pixar is currently a subsidiary of Disney (the animation studio’s official name is Disney/Pixar), but it was not always that way. Actually, when Michael Eisner was CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and the contract previously agreed upon between Pixar and Disney was coming to an end, the two companies developed quite the contentious relationship. Eisner’s successor, Bob Iger, swooped in and worked hard at repairing the ties between the two companies before ultimately buying Pixar. Before that, though, Disney was working on Toy Story 3, without Pixar’s involvement. After the break, take a fascinating look at the Toy Story 3 we never saw! [Read more…]

See Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Holiday Card Come To Life

2014 Holiday Card - Inside Out

Many film studios are known to send out creative and unique holiday cards in the December timeframe. Pixar’s cards often feature beautiful artwork spotlighting its next feature film. With Inside Out slated to arrive in theaters in June, this year’s card from the animation studio placed lead character Joy on the front, a great choice to celebrate the season. After the break, take a closer look at the card and see some behind-the-scenes photos demonstrating how artist Ronnie del Carmen brought it to life! [Read more…]

New ‘Inside Out’ Image Spotlights Joy, Pixar’s Second Female Lead


When you look ahead to 2015 and note the films that are on the way, you may be overwhelmed by the large number of buzzed-about films: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, etc. Even Pixar, a studio that normally only releases one film each year, will have two feature films debut. The first of those, Pete Docter’s Inside Out, continues to generate an incredible amount of buzz, even for a Pixar film. See a new still from the film after the break! [Read more…]

Pixar’s ‘Luxo Jr.’ To Be Preserved As A National Treasure

Luxo Jr.

Luxo Jr. (1986) is one of Pixar’s famed short films for a number of reasons – it was the first short produced under the Pixar brand (previously, when the studio was a subsidiary of Lucasfilm, The Adventures of André and Wally B. was animated by a young John Lasseter), and the titular character has gone on to become the official mascot for the studio, appearing at the start of every Pixar project. The Luxo Jr. short was already close to the heart of the studio, but now it will live on through history, as the project is being preserved in the United States’ National Film Registry. [Read more…]