April 21, 2014

PixArt: April Feature – One Incredible Family


We are so excited to feature this new piece of art from Disney animator Benson Shum. Shum was hired at Disney to work on Wreck-It Ralph and then Frozen. He currently spends his time working on the upcoming Big Hero 6 (November 2014). When asked about getting started in the animation business, Shum said he knew he wanted to be an animator since his high school days. “I applied to Capilano College’s commercial animation program, but didn’t get in the first time. I ended up getting a job and worked on my drawings after work for a year. I applied again the following year and got in!”.  In retrospect, Shum said he was glad he didn’t get in on his first try. “It made me appreciative and work harder when I got in the second time.” Read more about Shum and take a close look at his artwork after the break!

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PixArt: March Feature – Pixar Movie Poster Mash-Up


There is an infectious and positive energy to the work of Colorado-based artist Luke Flowers. His style is distinct but versatile and full of personality. One look at the amazing images he’s created for us and you’ll see what I mean. Mashing up Pixar characters with some iconic films of the 1980′s, Luke has created an homage to both segments while still maintaining his own signature style and charm. He really threw himself into this project and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. A third poster was created for this series but, you’ll have to head on over to his site to see that one. It’s pretty great. While you’re there, you can get a closer look at this on-going project and see a little more detail about each poster he’s created so far. Our thanks to Luke for all of his time and effort on these wonderful images. Read on for more about Luke in his own words!

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PixArt: February Feature – Monster Slump


This month’s PixArt feature comes to us from the super-talented California artist Jackie Williams. Jackie does some fantastic character-based illustrations and designs – many of which come from the world of pop-culture. This monster of a mash-up finds Mike, Sulley and Boo as the characters from Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump. Like most of her work, it’s full of energy and personality. Make sure to check out Jackie’s websites to see more of her great work. Read on for more about her in her own words!

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Pixart: January Feature – Carl and Russell


It seems we have no shortage of UP fans here on PixArt. This latest tribute to Carl and co. comes to us from artist Tommy Doyle.  Tommy does some amazing character art and illustration. There is a real sophistication to his use of color and texture that takes his charming personalities to a different level. We are so thankful to Tommy for taking the time to create this wonderful piece just for us. Make sure to check out more of Tommy’s work at his website and on dribbble. You can also follow him on twitter and Instagram. Read on for more about Tommy in his own words!

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PixArt: December Feature – Wilderness Explorers


Masses of color and restrained line work come together beautifully in the art of Greg Wright. The New Jersey-based illustrator creates some rather fantastic character designs and posters. He seamlessly combines illustration, design and text in some rather elegant compositions. Check out his site and tumblr for more examples of his expertly constructed creations.  Our sincere thanks to Greg for taking the time to contribute this wonderful tribute to the characters from UP. We are thrilled to showcase his work on our site. Read on for more about Greg in his own words!

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PixArt: November Feature II – Eve


It is quite obvious that UK Artist Natalie Smith has a soft spot for the worlds and characters of Pixar and Disney. Take a look through her work and you’ll find tributes to Toy Story‘s Mr. Pricklepants, Monsters University (as featured in our Monsters Mash-Up Tribute earlier this year) and Mickey Mouse. She definitely brings a distinct style to her whimsical character designs and illustrations. Check them out for yourself at her website (currently under construction) and her dribbble account where you will see her passion extends to the worlds of superheroes as well. Continue reading to find out more about this talented artist in her own words!

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PixArt: November Feature I – All Together Now

Momo and Sprits

You just can’t help but be charmed by the work of Momo and Sprits. Their work is relentlessly appealing. Whether it’s their take on pop culture icons or intricately designed t-shirts, their bright style shines through in every image. We simply adore their take on the films of Pixar and can’t thank them enough for contributing a wonderful piece. You can follow their work on their website, twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Dribbble. And make sure to check out their beautiful art used in the irreverent animated short The Existential Adventures of Tim Maia. It’s a fantastic use of their approach to characters and design. Read on for more about Momo and Sprits in their own words!

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PixArt: October Feature – Universal Pixsters


Around this time of year, we like to find just the right artist for our October feature. Chris Raimo was just the one to deliver a fun and spooky Halloween-themed image. Chris has contributed to PixArt before in a few of our annual call-to-artists. Most recently he was a stand-out in our Monsters Mash-Up celebration, combing the world of Monsters University with the characters from UP. Chris is no stranger to things that go bump in the night. One look at his websites and you’ll see just how much this talented guy digs Halloween. His portfolio is populated with all sorts of pop culture creatures – including some fun Pixar pieces. And if you’re a fan of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, you will definitely have to check out his Facebook fan page The Art of The Haunted Mansion. Our thanks to Chris for contributing this fantastic mash-up of some of Pixar’s most famous characters with the classic Monsters of cinema. Read on for more about Chris in his own words!

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PixArt: September Feature I – The Legend of Mor’du

Brave Wallpaper Final

There’s no other way to say it - Owen Davey‘s work is impressive. Take one look at the UK artist’s portfolio and you’ll understand. His vast body of work is a beautiful combination of design and illustration. His color schemes are interesting but not distracting. His style is distinct and appealing. His list of clients is amazing and includes Microsoft, Virgin, The Guardian, Wired and The New York Times to name a few. He’s the winner of the 2013 YCN Professional Award. He has published two fantastic books – Foxly’s Feast and Knight Night. His third, Laika: Astronaut Dog, is currently available for pre-order. It will be released here in the U.S. on October 8, 2013. Like I said, impressive. We were so thrilled that Owen took some time out of his busy schedule to bring us this gorgeous tribute to Brave. Makes me wish we had an entire Brave storybook in his wonderful style. Read on for more about Owen in his own words after the break!

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Get Feedback On Your Work From Pixar’s Daniel Arriaga


Attention character artists! Have you ever wanted your work critiqued by an actual Pixar artist? This could be your chance. Pixar character designer Daniel Arriaga will serve as a guest instructor for Steven Silver‘s online character design course through Schoolism.com. Over the course of nine lectures presented over 14 weeks, Silver offers insight into the industry as well as covering all the basics for great character design. In addition to these lectures, guest artist Daniel Arriaga will provide personal video feedback for the work students produce during the course.

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PixArt: August Feature – Mr. Incredible, The Vigilante

Mr Incredible

There is a real sense of personality to the art of Kansas-based designer and illustrator Luke Bott. While his work definitely showcases an attention to detail and precision that characterizes all good design, there is a personality and a sense of humor that shines through in all of his pieces. That is what initially attracted me to his work and ultimately made me seek him out for our PixArt August feature. Check out this fantastic Mr. Incredible he did for us, as well as his website for more of his artwork. I think the Mr. Incredible piece captures all the great aspects of his best work. Read on for more about the artist in his own words!

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D23 Expo: Review – ‘Monsters University’ Short ‘Party Central’


You just never know what you’ll see at Disney’s D23 Expo. The gathering has become known for its early peeks and surprise screenings of the latest and greatest Disney has to offer. This year was no exception. Before unveiling early glimpses of next year’s The Good Dinosaur and 2015′s Inside Out, John Lasseter had a special surprise for attendees of the Art and Imagination: Animation at The Walt Disney Studios arena presentation. Expo-goers were treated to a full screening of the new Pixar short Party Central. Mike’s New Car (2002), a short attached to the Monsters, Inc. DVD, was the first extension of a Pixar feature film. Party Central continues that tradition almost 11 years later, as this latest toon takes place in the world of Monsters University. Check out my review after the break!

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D23 Expo: Pixar’s Connection To Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’


Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) was on hand at the D23 Expo this past weekend as part of the Let The Adventures Begin: Live Action At The Walt Disney Studios presentation. Bird, along with co-writer Damon Lindelof (Lost), presented artifacts in their continued myth building for the 2014 Disney live-action film, Tomorrowland. The mysterious “1952″ box, which has been utilized for the last several months to tease the film, was brought out on stage and explored in front of the audience. A few enigmatic items from the Disney studios past were unveiled, a doctored picture of Walt Disney with Amelia Earhart was shown and a vintage copy of Amazing Stories was used as a key for some cryptic message decoding. But by far the most interesting and entertaining portion of the presentation – and the bit that had me most intrigued about the project – was a clip of animation that has ties to Pixar.

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D23 Expo: Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Others Reflect On Pixar Films And Source Of Their Inspiration

Pixar Panel

John Lasseter kicked off Disney’s massive D23 Expo with a look at what is coming next in the world of Disney and Pixar animation. The packed arena presentation was easily the highlight of Day 1 and offered fans a first look at the company’s upcoming slate of animated offerings. Pixar’s highly anticipated roster included next year’s The Good Dinosaur and 2015′s Inside Out. However, it wasn’t all forward thinking taking place on Friday. Late in the afternoon, a handful of Pixar creatives took some time to look back.

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PixArt Spotlight: Andrew Kolb

Andrew Kolb

Fans of this site definitely know the work of Andrew Kolb. We here at PixArt haven’t exactly been shy about our love for his fantastic illustrations. He is always such a great sport when it comes to our little section of The Pixar Times – contributing original pieces of fan art to almost all of our call-to-artists. His Cars 2 submission was highlight – combining the worlds of Cars, Back to The Future and Ghostbusters. And of course, who can forget the amazing Pixar pet shop piece he did. Like all of his work, the images were thoughtful, clever and fun. His work truly elevates the concept of fan art. Using his distinct style, he brings an energy to these existing properties and really makes them his own. A quick look through his body of work and it’s evident how much effort and heart he puts into each image. His epic “Picture Book Set In Space” is a marvel and shows just how skilled a visual storyteller he has become.

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PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 4 Mixes With The Worlds of Calvin and Hobbes, Harry Potter, Batman, Marvel, More

View more of Jay's work

At long last, Monsters University has been unleashed in theaters nationwide! To celebrate Pixar’s fourteenth animated feature, we’re back with a super-sized batch of Monsters Mash-Ups. So, before you head out the door to go see Pixar’s first prequel, take a moment to peruse this final batch of artwork from some of our very talented readers. This time out, Monsters take on the worlds of UP, Tangled, Speed Racer, Batman, Harry Potter and more!

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PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 3 Mixes With The Worlds of Doctor Who, The Muppets, Breaking Bad, More

View more of James' work

We’ve been thrilled with all the great submissions we’ve received for our celebration of all things Monsters. And with the release of Monsters University (June 21) just one day away, our artistic readers have kicked into high  gear! We’ve received so many great pieces for our final posting that we’ve decided to break it up into two separate posts. Both are jam-packed with fantastic new art. In batch 3 we see Monsters invading the worlds of Wreck-it Ralph, UP, The Muppets and Doctor Who, to name a few. And we just have to give a special shout-out to the epic mash-up brought to us by a group of artists collectively known as Mestres Ilustradores Do Poder Eterno. See their collaboration on a fun Star Wars mash-up and check out all the artists involved in this elaborate piece. (They will be back tomorrow with a pretty sensational MARVEL mash-up.) Check out Monsters Mash-Up Round 3 after the break!

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PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 2 Mixes With The Worlds of My Neighbor Totoro, Mario Brothers, More

View more of Jeff's work

We’re back with more Monsters! As we draw closer to the release of Monsters University (June 21), we continue our celebration with another batch of clever illustrations. This week’s eclectic collection of tributes includes send-ups of The Addam’s Family, My Neighbor Totoro, Gilligan’s Island and more. The artists clearly had great fun in coming up with these unique ideas, and we are sure you will enjoy them. Take a look at the 14 mash-ups after the break!

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PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 1 Mixes With The Worlds of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, More

View more of Andrew's work

We’re just a few weeks away from the debut of Pixar’s first prequel – Monsters University opens June 21 in theaters everywhere. To celebrate, we asked you to submit your best Monsters Mash-Up. Take any of the characters from the ‘Monsters’ universe and smash ‘em up with just about anything else. The results have been unsurprisingly entertaining! In this first batch alone, we see monsters invading the worlds of Star Wars, The Incredibles and The Lord of The Rings.

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PixArt: May Feature II – Buzz Lightyear Reimagined As 70s Sci-Fi Action Hero


Combine comics, monsters, and pop culture and you arrive at the fantastic art of Chris Raimo.  This talented east coast based illustrator has a distinct style and a wicked sense of humor. I was immediately drawn to Chris’ ability to adapt existing properties to his whimsical drawing style. Check out his website for really fun takes on everything from Mickey Mouse to wrestling zombies! While you’re there, check out his other Pixar-themed illustrations and mash-ups. Chris is currently a designer at NECA/Wizkids and also does freelance and commission. Read on for more about Chris in his own words!

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