Disney Infinity: Complete List Of Power Discs In Wave 1

The magic word in Disney Infinity is customizability, as the platform allows players to build their own worlds using a variety of Disney and Pixar franchises as inspiration. The ability to build comes in its Toy Box Mode, where characters from different worlds, such as Dash from The Incredibles and Mike from Monsters University can interact. While there will be a large number of options included in the game at start, power discs that unlock additional options will be sold at retailers. After the break, find a full gallery of the power discs that make up the first wave, along with descriptions of the power each of them will unlock!

Disney Infinity - Wave 1 Power Discs

There are two distinct types of power discs – circular power discs that grant characters special power ups that can be used in both Play Set and Toy Box modes, and hexagonal power discs that unlock special gadgets, vehicles and themes for solely the Toy Box mode.

Below is a gallery of all 20 power discs you can expect to find. Keep an eye on the last three below – Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Abu The Elephant, and the Astro Blasters Space Cruiser – these are the rare power discs that will be more challenging to come by.

The power discs will launch alongside the starter pack on August 18th, and will be sold in blind packs of two for $4.99. Embedded below is a new trailer which showcases the power discs:

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