Watch: A Four-Minute Tribute To 13 Pixar Films

There are numerous great moments in Pixar films, from the first time Woody blinks his eyes to reveal he is a living character in Toy Story to the heartfelt conclusion of Monsters University. Unsurprisingly, great filmmaking inspires passion amongst moviegoers. That passion then inspires…tribute videos on YouTube? There is no shortage in the number of videos posted online that try to capture the greatness of Pixar films by bundling scenes into montages, but once in a while there is one that catches our attention. Watch a four-minute tribute to Pixar’s feature films after the break!

13 Pixar Films

YouTube user DisneyDude posted his tribute on the day that Monsters University arrived in North American theaters. Understandably, the video does not include footage from the Monsters prequel, as the only video available from that film is what has been released in trailers, clips, and ads. The tribute video begins in black-and-white before being filled with vibrant colors and expanding to cover the full screen, a trick we recently saw in Oz: The Great and Powerful (which, itself was honoring the transformation to color seen in The Wizard of Oz once Dorothy touches down in the fantasy world). The video also highlights some of the fantastic music in Pixar films. That means, yes, there is an entire portion dedicated to Pixar moments that make you cry.

Watch the video below:

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  • Jazz

    Loved the video :DDDD I almost cried wow

  • Pandu Aji Wirawan

    I love this video. Amazing!

  • George Comerci

    So amazing! I grew up with Pixar specifically, so all the characters hold a special place in my heart even today. This vid made me cry ;)