PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 3 Mixes With The Worlds of Doctor Who, The Muppets, Breaking Bad, More

We’ve been thrilled with all the great submissions we’ve received for our celebration of all things Monsters. And with the release of Monsters University (June 21) just one day away, our artistic readers have kicked into high  gear! We’ve received so many great pieces for our final posting that we’ve decided to break it up into two separate posts. Both are jam-packed with fantastic new art. In batch 3 we see Monsters invading the worlds of Wreck-it Ralph, UP, The Muppets and Doctor Who, to name a few. And we just have to give a special shout-out to the epic mash-up brought to us by a group of artists collectively known as Mestres Ilustradores Do Poder Eterno. See their collaboration on a fun Star Wars mash-up and check out all the artists involved in this elaborate piece. (They will be back tomorrow with a pretty sensational MARVEL mash-up.) Check out Monsters Mash-Up Round 3 after the break!

Monsters Mash-Up

Our thanks to all of the fantastic artists who contributed to this post – James Silvani, Pedro Netto, Jim Atherton, Chris Anderson, Daniel Clark, Isla Garcia, Jamie Fales, Mandy France, Mike Collins, Phillip Payton, Salestinus, Tyler Higashi, Jemma Wyles, Yema Yema, Hatem Aly and yours truly, Jerrod Maruyama.

The following artists contributed to the Star Wars mash-up below:

Vencys Lao (Sulley/Chewbacca),  Rayner Alencar (Mike Wazowski/Leia),  Robson Reiz(Waternoose/Palpatine),  Stivenson Valério (Scott Squishy/Darth Maul), Sergio Romani (Needleman & Smitty/C3PO & Luke),  Maurilio DNA (Dean Hardscrabble/Kaminoan),  Leonardo Guimarães (Randall/Boba Fett),  Altair Messias (CDA/Stormtroopers), and  Stephanie Watanabe.

Mestre Ilustradores Do Poder Eterno

Didn’t see your piece? Don’t worry – we’ll be back again tomorrow with more art in our final post! So, before you head out to see Monsters University, make sure to check in with us and for one more dose of Monster Mash-ups.

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