Walt Disney World To Reportedly Turn Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Into Giant Mike Wazowski For One Night

Just yesterday, Walt Disney World debuted the “monsterail,” a monorail at the resort that has been covered with Monsters University characters to promote the release of the upcoming film. Also tying into the film is the “Monstrous Summer” campaign that is currently underway, to not only showcase the Pixar film, but to also emphasize the enormity of the various attractions and events around Disney resort this summer season. There is a press event being held at Disney World through Friday that discusses these aspects of the campaign. Connected to the event, a report has emerged that, in order to help launch the Monstrous Summer campaign, Mike Wazowski will be projected onto the iconic Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Watch how it will look in a video after the break!

Walt Disney World - Mike Wazowski Projection

UPDATE (4/25 11:00 PM): Surprise! Mike Wazowski was projected onto Spaceship Earth tonight, and you can watch him announce that Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Magic Kingdom will all remain open for 24 hours May 24-25.


Ricky Brigante of Inside The Magic reports that an individual who chose not to identify him/herself sent in a video of a test that shows how the Mike Wazowski projection appears. See it for yourself below:

Disney is well-versed in displaying complicated projections, as castle projections that effectively tell stories are put on nightly at parks such as Magic Kingdom. Additionally, projections of characters and famous moments such as the sun rising in The Lion King can even be seen at the revamped Disney Stores around the country. It is yet another example of Disney going beyond what other similar companies usually do. By turning nearly every aspect of the parks and stores into things that people marvel at, making these experiences “fantastic,” guests are transported into this magical world that the company works extraordinarily so to accomplish.

As Ricky notes, this will likely only be in place for one night only, similar to how a flying dragon appeared over Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom during the grand opening of New Fantasyland for the press last year. Spaceship Earth is easily one of the most recognizable structures at the resort, so even if this is for one night, it will be a spectacle. It is a cute and creative way to incorporate the Monsters franchise in a big way.

I respect the integrity of these famed structures around Disney Parks, and as someone who adores nostalgia, I tend to prefer the original look of the attractions and environment. I also recognize that endeavors such as this Mike Wazowski projection tend to not only let the Imagineers flex their creative muscles, but they also pave ground for bigger and better experiences around the parks. Maybe we’ll see a Death Star projection on Epcot in the future that could lead to a permanent physical Death Star structure in a Star Wars-themed land? So even if non-press members do not get to experience the enormous Mike projection, there is a good chance its influence will be felt by park guests in the years to come.

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