‘Ratatouille’ Attraction Heading To Disneyland Paris

When it comes to Pixar properties, there are several that have had an attraction inspired by them at the various Disney Parks around the world. Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo have existed at Disneyland, Disney World, and other parks for a number of years. Most notably, Cars Land, inspired by the town of Radiator Springs from the film series, opened last year at Disney California Adventure. Films such as WALL-E, Ratatouille, and Up have had their characters walking around, interacting with park guests, but no attractions had been created. It has just been announced, though, that a Ratatouille ride is now in the works. Find more details after the break!


Given that the animated film takes place in France, it comes as no surprise that Disneyland Paris will be the home of the attraction. Stitch Kingdom reports that it is scheduled to debut in 2014 at the resort’s Walt Disney Studios park. The announcement assures us that, with respect to the ride, “Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology will come together in this romantic, larger-than-life, Parisian experience.”

While we have little details about the actual ride experience, Inside The Magic quotes Euro Disney Chairman Phillippe Gas from their Annual Shareholder Meeting held earlier today:

“Our new family-focused Ratatouille attraction, which is scheduled to open in 2014, symbolises all of the creativity, innovation and emotion that guests associate with a Disneyland Paris experience,” said Gas. “By developing this new Ratatouille attraction, we continue to ensure our guests can experience their favourite Disney stories in memorable ways that only Disney can provide. The theme, which is very français, is a tribute to our capital and the unforgettable characters that make Ratatouille the ideal choice for an attraction that fits perfectly at Disneyland Paris.”

It is great to see this coming together for Ratatouille, a film that may not be as simple as, say Toy Story and Cars, to bring to the theme park world. Disney Imagineers, though, who design and develop the attractions, have a knack for being faithful and creative, so I look forward to getting a preview of the ride itself.

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  • Max

    I’m Dutch and knew this already for years! But i’m really excited.

  • Geoff Cross

    I have to say that Disney, & Pixar Animations have certainly produced some amazing movies. Thank you Walt for starting it all.