Watch: Complete ‘Toy Story’ Film In Live-Action

Over the last two years, a small crew passionate about Toy Story has been painstakingly shooting the film in live-action form, assembling toys and building their own sets. They recently finished their lengthy shoot, but remained cautious about sharing the film publicly, as they did not want the Disney/Pixar legal team to descend upon them. The crew seems to have been been given some sort of go-ahead as they published the entire project on YouTube yesterday. Watch their labor of love after the break!

Toy Story Logo

We have been following their hard work for quite some time and are happy to see that they have been given the chance to share the film with all of us. You may very well get sucked into the film again, because whether or not the finished product is in animation form, the compelling story and characters remain – Pixar figured out that concept long ago.

Watch the live-action Toy Story below:

What do you think of the creative production?

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  • Leon hodge

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!….Toy story is the reason i wanted to do CG animation

  • BJ Lincoln

    Great job! Thanks.

  • Rohan Nowell

    Wow. That’s dedication right there.

  • Nick

    Story is lacking…who are the kids that made this? How old are they? Where are they from?