More Concept Art From Pixar’s Canceled Film ‘Newt’

Usually when Disney/Pixar announces a project, the film makes its way into theaters a few years later. While films in development at the studio have no doubt been canceled before, Pixar shocked many when it publicly canceled newt in 2010, a film that was to be headed by Lifted director Gary Rydstrom. Pixar acknowledged the cancellation in a creative way, by releasing several pieces of concept art from the film. A former Pixar artist has now shared her own newt pre-production art, which you can take a look at after the break!


Ex-Pixar artist Katy Wu posted a few of her own pieces of newt artwork (via PixarBlog), adding to some of the other artwork we have already seen from the film’s time in development (you can see them here and here). View her gorgeous artwork below:

Each time we see new artwork from the film, it is difficult to not think about how the film may have turned out if it was completed. I am sure, though, that Pixar had significant reasons for canceling it.

What do you think of Katy Wu’s artwork?

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  • Tabi

    I wish I’d never seen this concept art because I didn’t think about Newt being cancelled really- I was just like ‘huh well it’s just Rio…right?’ and it turns out I probably would have just been swooning all over my seat if Pixar had made this for me, and now I just feel heartstoppingly sad that I will have to wait until I die and go to heaven for newty wonder D:
    but thank you for sharing T_T

  • Fantino

    I’d really love to hear the reasons why it was cancelled and they decided to release Cars 2 instead. I mean, anything would’ve been better than Cars 2!

  • Dave

    I really wish they had made this movie. It looks like the animation would have been of some very beautiful places and ANYTHING is better than Rio.

  • Andy Serrato

    They should keep the concept but rework the story. It looks amazing!

  • Brady Gorman

    I know this was cancelled because of Rio, but how many times has Pixar taken a familiar concept (some of which intentionally ripped off of their film) and made it ten times better? Cases in point: Shark Tale-Finding Nemo, Antz-A Bug’s Life (an intentional ripoff), Shrek-Monsters Inc./Brave, Robots-Wall-E (a wider stretch, I’ll admit).

  • Abigail

    Lokks like it would have been too ‘A Bug’s Life’-y

  • nicolas arthur

    Aw man…this would has been the BEST MOVIE EVER! But it got cancelled…..thats bad.

  • sunnysideup

    I would have loved to see this. Since Disney took over all creativity went out the window. PIXAR should get a divorce and make those wonderful movies again. Disney should do their own stuff, musical-films like Rapunzel, but leave PIXAR alone. I stopped watching the sequals and wait for something good. I really dislike it to see Disneys Name next to Pixar. I want to see Pixar films. It´s so sad.