Two More ‘Brave’ Awards Ads Published

The high-profile New York Film Critics Circle is announcing its picks for the year today, which means the awards season has now begun. Historically, Disney has promoted Pixar’s feature films during the season by publishing ‘For Your Consideration’ ads, the first of which we saw for Brave recently. Two more FYC ads have emerged, made up of two memorable and visually striking moments from the film. Take a look at them after the break!

Awards Daily, which has an extensive collection of FYC ads that is constantly updated as the ads are published, has put up the two latest for Brave. The one above took sole ownership of the cover for Variety (and even made clever use of the title treatment for Brave by giving ‘Daily Variety’ a makeover), while the one below took over a two-page spread in the industry magazine.

While the first of the two newest ads recycles the tagline/quote we saw in the one a few weeks back, the second features a new quote that pulls from the review of Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers – “Brave takes dark dazzling turns.”

There are more visually stunning moments for Disney/Pixar to pull from, so stay tuned for more Brave “For Your Consideration” ads soon.

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  • Alfred_187

    I’m ready to see one of these adds mention specific categories besides “best animated” feature (which is obvious) – especially for sound mixing and sound editing which were terrific. The songs were nomination worthy as well.