PixArt: November Feature II – Mr. Fredricksen’s Wild Ride

Looks like Up‘s Carl, Russell, Kevin and Dug have made their way to Disney World! This whimsical mash-up comes to us from Orlando-based illustrator and designer Ignacio Alfonzo. Check out his website to see the diverse projects he’s been involved with. Read on for more about this talented guy in his own words!


Ignacio Alfonzo

I currently live in…

Orlando, Florida

I consider my hometown to be…

Orlando (by default). There are better places in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S., but this is where I have family, work and share my life with my wonderful wife. It’s also nice to have Disney World close by.

My favorite Pixar movie is…

Up – great characters, great background story within the main story. An unlikely group of characters that end up together, it works on many levels.

Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles are also favorites.

My favorite Pixar character is…

Carl Fredricksen. I can relate to his grumpiness even though I’m only half his age – ha ha! I love his determination as well. I also like Francis from A Bug’s Life and Mr. Potato Head.

Tell us about your piece

Somehow combining my favorite Pixar movie and Disney World ride seemed like a fun idea. This is how I’d envision a Saturday morning cartoon based on the adventures of Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin. It’s also gratifying to pay tribute to the amazing and terribly missed Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (the Disney World version in particular). This project seemed like a great excuse to reminisce and express how much fun this ride really was. I thank The Pixar Times for inciting the inspiration. (Thank you Mike and Mitch for your encouragement!)

Who/What inspires you

I tend to look to the past for true inspiration. It seems pre-1970s art standards were particularly high and innovative in every facet: illustrations, ads, package design, comic books, cartoons, etc.  I’m an 80s kid, so I carry some of that with me as well.

Here’s a handful of names that, to me, amplify the meaning of art and creativity: Marc Davis, Alex Toth, Jack Kirby, Winsor McCay, Gil Elvgren, Frazetta, Walt Disney and his team, Go Nagai, Mary Blair and more recently, Bruce Timm. The Old Masters deserve an honorable mention too. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many (old school) Japanese designs, icons, animation are on my list as well.

Also, I can’t talk about inspiration without mentioning my all-time idols: The Beatles! And to save the best for last- God, the greatest artist of all.

Recommend something to our readers

Watch cartoons! 1930s – 60s: advertising, illustrations, packaging design and architecture. If you’re a fan of animation try and get your hands on a book called “By Design” by the legendary Alex Toth, unfortunately it’s been out of print for years so it could be very hard to find. “Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde” is another great inspirational book, a personal favorite.

If old-school Disney World floats your boat, nobody will entertain you and inform you more than my good friend, the great Mike Lee from Widen Your World, you know the one: widenyourworld.net

Shameless self-promotion

I am an artist for hire. If I can be of service, let’s get in touch! My e-mail: Alfonzoart[at]gmail[dot]com. Visit my website to view my portfolio at Notherland.com or IgnacioAlfonzo.com – don’t miss my Solo[chocolate]Bar ‘faux’ commercials! You can also look me up on Twitter: @Notherlandart. Concept development and character design along with illustration are my passions. My continuous goal is to be independent as a prolific freelancer or to become part of a company that strives to promote quality, creativity and most importantly, recognizes and respects the power of visual arts.

I’m ready for the next big adventure in my life!

Our thanks to Ignacio for this great contribution. If you’d like to be considered for a PixArt Feature, Contact Us and please send a link to your portfolio!

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