July 23, 2014

International ‘Monsters University’ Poster Revealed

On the heels of this morning’s reveal of the new Monsters University poster that will be gracing theaters across the United States and Canada, an international poster for the film has also made its way online. Rather than character poses, it features what may be a still from the prequel film. Take a look at the French poster after the break!

French site Focus On Animation shares this poster and also gives us an example of one of the alternate titles for the film – Monsters Academy. Additionally, if you look closely, to the left of Mike, you can spot a plush that was seen in Monsters, Inc., affectionately dubbed Little Mikey, a great addition by the artists at Pixar.

The (very rough translation of the) synopsis for the French version of the film follows:

Bob Razowski,”Bob,” and Jacques Sullivent, “Sulli,” are inseparable, but this has not always been the case. When they met, both were very different monsters who immediately hated one another. This film reveals how Bob and Sulli were able to overcome their differences to become best friends.

It is interesting to see how films are adapted for international audiences. In this case, Mike Wazowski is known as Bob Razowski and James P. Sullivan is called Jacques Sullivent. I would love to see other takes on MU posters, as well as the differences in character names and such seen in other countries.

In the U.S. and Canada, Monsters University is set to debut on June 21, while our friends in France are scheduled to receive Monstres Academy on 10 July.

Source : Focus on Animation

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  • Daniel

    1:13 on the clock…could be a A113 reference, I guess. So where’s the “A”?

    • http://pixartimes.com Samad Rizvi

      Nice catch! That is most certainly an A113 reference.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=790173972 Kane Brough

      What was the first letter of alarm again?

  • Fantino

    Actually it’s Monstres Academy, not Monsters Academy. And I don’t think this is a still. But it’s awesome anyway!