First ‘Brave’ Awards Ad Unveiled

With the holidays around the corner comes the realization that awards season is rapidly approaching, which has studios scrambling to keep their films on voters’ minds. The most common approach for that is for studios to publish ‘For Your Consideration’ ads, which gently remind potential voters that their films should be in the running. Pixar’s Brave, which will likely be seriously considered for nominations in the animated feature and music categories, recently saw its first ‘FYC’ ad pblished and you can see it after the break!

Courtesy of our friends at Awards Daily (via Pixar Talk), we have a high-resolution image of the ad, which was first published in Variety. It takes us back to a touching scene in the film, where Merida and her mother work together to catch a fish. In big bold letters, we have an award season tagline that incorporates the last two words of Claudia Puig’s positive review of the film for USA Today – “brave indeed.”

While it is not likely that we will see an awards campaign for Brave that rivals the scope of Toy Story 3‘s (the final part of the Toy Story trilogy was only the third animated film nominated for Best Picture, and was even considered one of the frontrunners for a brief period), I am sure we will see more FYC ads for Pixar’s latest over the course of the next few months.

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