Pixar Names Building After Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is often associated with Apple, but many often forgot that the visionary played a large role in the creation of Pixar. He financed the work at the studio long before it became profitable, pouring millions of his own money into keeping Pixar afloat because he believed in the work of the employees. After his death last year, some wondered how the animation studio would honor him. In the end credits of Brave, there was a brief but touching tribute to Jobs. Now, the Jobs name has a more permanent home on Pixar’s campus – above the main entrance to the studio’s main building.

On Twitter, a Pixar employee shared an image taken by a friend, stating that the building had been named “The Steve Jobs Building.” Peering in through the windows, you can clearly see the outline of Sulley, confirming that this is the main building that Steve Jobs himself played a major role in designing. He came up with the idea that the building should be centered around a large atrium, which would lead to accidental collaboration that may not occur if everyone was stuck in their individual offices.

I find this to be the perfect way to honor the legacy of Steve Jobs. Placing his name above the main building not only reminds those who walk through the entrance of his importance to the formation of the studio, but is also a meaningful representation of his influence on the famed building.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/eewestjan Jan Austin

    Just as a reminder, John Carter also had it at the end credits!

    • http://twitter.com/5lettername Ashim

      His name is at the entrance of the building, not at the exit :)

    • AdamChew

      No need to be tied up in your panties, it is just a building, maybe you will get one day and hopefully not at the exit.

  • otterprods

    I would have rather seen them name it after Justin Wright or Joe Ranft, but then again those guys were just great artists, not ego-maniacs, so I guess it’s more fitting to name it after Jobs.

    • steve228uk

      Yeah because they both saved the company from the brink and made it the studio we know today…

      • otterprods

        Do you truly feel that Jobs deserves all that credit or were you just letting me know that you know the story?

        Besides, do you need to be a business magnate to be worthy of memorializing? Is being a very talented person not enough?

        • Simon Sagala-Mulindwa

          When we all are born into this world, (or on this mother earth) for which we all know so little about, (if at all!) we often assume to have an intended purpose and assume it to be so. Some get it right others get it wrong. Which ever way, let’s always appreciate the contributions towards a better world, however small. A million dollars less one cent is no longer a million! Well done Pixar for remembering the man whose vision made you what you are today. Maybe Airbus Corporation and others need to think about naming their successes’ inventors as they hype their latest success (the “Dream Liner” versus the “Wrights Brothers,” perhaps?)

  • http://robertholtz.com/ Robert Holtz

    A great and fitting tribute. It is important for PIXAR to honor his name so that newcomers to the studio in the many years to come never forget his brilliant contributions and enduring influence to PIXAR, to Apple, and to the world.