‘Toy Story’ Short ‘Partysaurus Rex’ Premieres Monday On The Disney Channel

Often, we have to wait a number of months after theater premieres before we have the opportunity to see Pixar films on the small screen. While the feature films make their way from theaters to Blu-rays and DVDs to premium movie channels before finally playing on TV sets around the country, Pixar shorts are a different story. The latest Toy Story Toon, entitled Partysaurus Rex, has been playing with Finding Nemo 3D for the last month. It will now be providing a larger audience with the ability to laugh at its hysterical storyline, as it will premiere Monday night on the Disney Channel.

There is no doubt that the big screen was the best venue for Partysaurus Rex to delight viewers with its bright colors, gorgeous animation and lighting, and club-like soundtrack from Grammy-nominated artist BT. I found it easily one of the best shorts to come from the Toy Story Toons banner, propelling first-time director Mark Walsh into the spotlight. I would love to see what he can do with a feature-length film. After all, Monsters University director Dan Scanlon made the jump after directing the Cars Toon, Mater and the Ghostlight (along with many of the big directors at the studio – John Lasseter, Pete Docter, and Andrew Stanton all tackled commercials and shorts before they worked on the original Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo).

Pixar Canada’s talents were on full display in Partysaurus Rex as well, and I hope it is the stepping stone for something bigger for the Vancouver-based arm of the studio. While the story was worked on at main headquarters in Emeryville, CA, the Canadian side handled the technical aspects including animation. The aforementioned beauty of the short could not be denied when it came to the underwater rave scene, which may be some of the best visuals we have seen in a Toy Story film.

Take a brief peek at the short in the clip below:

You now have the chance to watch Partysaurus Rex in its entirety again (or for the first time if you missed it in theaters), as it will premiere Monday evening on the Disney Channel at 10:05 pm ET. Check your local listings to confirm the time it will play in your area of the country.

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