Video of the Day: Tour The Real-Life ‘Up’ House

Last year, the Hamblin family purchased a faithful reproduction of the iconic Up house. The unique exterior of the home was recently in danger of being repainted, as the neighborhood was considering whether it violated the “rules” put forth by the community. Thankfully, it was decided that the house’s paint colors would be kept as-is. What about the interior? While we have seen images and brief tours of the inside of the house, we have been unable to get an in-depth look. The Hamblins are aiming to change that, as they have posted a video providing an extensive tour of the rooms and how they have added to the space. Watch it after the break!

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

From the looks of it, the family has done a great job at maintaining the look seen in the film, but also at adding pieces of themselves to make it feel like home – family photos, original art, and collectibles all come together with the possessions that Carl and Ellie had in Up. Check out the video for yourself below:

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  • otterprods

    Interesting that they kept so much of the movie decor… I wonder if they get tired of feeling like they’re living inside a disneyland exhibit.