Disney Previews New Pixar Vinylmation Figures

Back in 2008, Disney debuted a new line of collectible figures called Vinylmation, which were shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. While recent additions to the line have incorporated other shapes and sizes, the collectible nature of the figures persist. Wildly popular at Disney Parks and Stores, the vinyl figures celebrate Disney films, rides, and characters. Pixar figures have been somewhat lacking, but that is about to change as Disney has announced a new Vinylmation series that will exclusively celebrate the Emeryville-based studio. Find images about the new series of figures as well as several limited edition combo packs after the break!

At the Mickey’s Circus Vinylmation Showcase at Walt Disney World’s Epcot park earlier this week, upcoming figures were previewed. Considering that certain Pixar films did not have a huge amount of merchandise to accompany their release, it will certainly be a fantastic opportunity to see figures for characters from the likes of WALL-E, Up, and Ratatouille.

Destination Vinylmation captured some great pictures of Pixar Series 1, which will contain 12 figures priced at $12.95 apiece. Take a look at a selection of the figures below:

The new Pixar line is set to debut at D-Street stores at both Disneyland and Disney World. Sadly, there is no word of a Disney Store or online release as of this point.

There were also several combo packs announced, which includes a set of the Little Green Men from the Toy Story trilogy, Tuck and Roll from A Bug’s Life (who knew we would ever see merch for A Bug’s Life ever again? – I am beyond thrilled to see the oft-ignored film getting some love), and Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo:

Finally, with Monsters University (2013) on the horizon, Disney also previewed a combo pack featuring college kids Mike and Sulley. As the Cars 2 and Brave combo packs hit Disney Stores nationwide, I fully expect this set to be widely available as well. (Edit [10:30 PM]: As commenter Thomas Scott points out below, Monsters University will actually be getting its own blind box series of 12 figures. The image below is not a combo pack – it is simply two of the figures that will ship come next year. Thanks to Thomas for the clarification.) Vinylmation Kingdom was also at the event and shared the following image:

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  • Gulzar Junaid

    Dang, would love to have em with me :) You are guys are doing the best.

  • http://twitter.com/eyenoise Thomas Scott

    Monsters University is a full blind box series of 12.

  • bjc

    These are creepy! I’m not fond of the designs.