‘Up’ House In Utah Does Not Have To Be Repainted, Gets To Keep Its Colors

About one year ago, Bangerter Homes built a faithful replica of the Up house in Utah, bringing an influx of visitors to the small town of Herriman. Already searching for a new home and being big fans of Disney and Pixar films, two of those visitors, Lynette and Clint Hamblin, decided to buy the house. However, we reported back in December that that the house was in danger of losing its colorful charm due to the homeowners association’s rules on the exterior appearance of homes in the neighborhood. The decision has finally been made and the iconic home will stay as-is. Read what the Hamblins told us about the ruling after the break!

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

Feeling great “relief” after they found they did not have to repaint the exterior of the home, the family provided The Pixar Times some details on the case:

Unless we got the variance approved by our HOA, we were in danger of having to paint our adorable and colorful UP house replica a color that matched our neighborhood approved colors. These colors are neutral tones. Not only would have painting the house taken away the charm of the UP house, which is why we purchased this replica home, but it would have been a very costly one.

Thankfully we had the option to request a variance to the CC&Rs to the HOA and it’s [sic] board of directors, which was ultimately the developer. This variance would allow us to keep the colors of the UP house, the replica mailbox, and the white picket fence all authentic, just as Carl and Ellie Fredrickson happily constructed on their wedding day.

We are forever grateful we get to grow old together as a family in our Dream home.

Considering the amount of hoops that Bangerter had to jump through to convince Disney and get the home built (Up director Pete Docter helped make the project a reality), it would have been terrible to see the beautiful house repainted to look like all the others in the neighborhood. Additionally, the Hamblins had bought the home because of how the whole package came together to recreate one of the most famous film houses ever, one with which they felt a strong connection – taking that away from them would have certainly been a great loss.

Paul Fraughton | The Salt Lake Tribune

The family clearly realizes the significance of the home’s existence and as can be seen on the Facebook Page they have set up for it, they have been accommodating of the tourists and Disney/Pixar fans who come to take pictures of the property. There is little doubt that the Hamblins were the perfect family for this home.

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