July 28, 2014

Watch: ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ Featurette Talks Up The 3D

Finding Nemo remains one of the most visually stunning Pixar films. While it has been about 10 years since the film arrived in theaters, the underwater world still wows with its incredibly realistic water effects. The 3D re-release of the animated film is just a few weeks away, which means the marketing campaign is well underway. Disney/Pixar has released a new featurette that looks specifically at the 3D conversion. Watch it in HD after the break!

Walt Disney Studios New Zealand has uploaded the featurette (via Stitch Kingdom), which includes director Andrew Stanton, co-director Lee Unkrich, and executive producer John Lasseter discussing the great conversion. Watch it below:

Finding Nemo 3D hits theaters nationwide on September 14.

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