PixArt: August 2012 Feature – ‘Incredible’ Family Night

We are so thrilled to feature artist Phillip Light in this month’s PixArt spotlight. This super-talented art student creates some absolutely stunning character designs. Head on over to his blog to see what I mean. Phillip is definitely one to keep an eye on – we see a bright future up ahead for him. Take one look at the emotions conveyed on the character’s faces in his PixArt piece and you may begin to see why. After the break, read more about him in his own words!

Phillip Light


Phillip Light


Blogger: Philliplight.blogspot.com
Tumblr: Philliplight.tumblr.com

I currently live in:

Eugene, Oregon, but soon moving to Pasadena, California to attend Art Center College of Design as an Entertainment Design major.

My Favorite Pixar Movie is:

The Incredibles

My favorite Pixar Character is:

Violet Parr – because when The Incredibles first came out, she was the one I most related to, being an awkward 13 year old and not really sure where I fit in.

Tell us about your piece:

I chose to illustrate the family dinner scene in The Incredibles, because it’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It showcases the family’s superpowers and also gives great insight into how this superhero family behaves around each other. One thing I always loved was that the movie was designed in a retro 1960s/futuristic style. I wanted to give a nod to that retro style in this illustration while capturing this scene.

Who/What inspires you?

Firstly, God. He has blessed me with this gift and passion for art and I want to pursue it to the best of my abilities. Artists that I’m really inspired by are Lou Romano, Shane Prigmore, Kevin Dart, Eyvind Earle, Claire Keane, Pascal Campion, Brett Helquist, Brittney Lee, as well as J.C Leyendecker, and Sargent. And there are probably many others that I’ve left out (haha).

Shameless self-­promotion:

As I said before, I will be attending Art Center College of Design in the fall as an Entertainment Design major. I will be working towards my goal of being a Visual Development artist/Character Designer for an animation studio. Wish me luck! :)

Our thanks to Phillip for contributing his time and talent! If you would like to be a featured artist here on PixArt, contact us and send us a link to your portfolio for consideration.

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