Awesome: Hilarious ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ No Talking PSA

When filmmakers put together a movie, they try to fully immerse the audience into the storyline – great films are able to transport us out of the theater and into the film world so that actors are no longer actors, but the characters they are portraying. However, even a great film is susceptible to distractions within a theater, such as talking and smartphone usage. Disney/Pixar has teamed up with AMC to create an awesome new PSA that shows us the danger of talking on a mobile phone while a film such as Finding Nemo 3D is playing. Watch the hilarious PSA after the break!

We have all been there – an obnoxious neighbor picks up a call on their phone and starts to talk loudly, which has us wishing pain upon that individual at that exact moment. This Finding Nemo 3D-themed PSA delivers in a big way:

Now, how many of you didn’t laugh and cheer at the end of that!

Finding Nemo 3D arrives in theaters on September 14.

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  • Jacktoon

    Love it! and what a great way to get to those obnoxious “Phone” people!

  • otterprods

    It was clever but I did not laugh or cheer. Sorry. Should I say I did anyways?