Watch: Trailer For Live-Action ‘Toy Story’

The team behind the Live-Action Toy Story Project has been working for years to develop an authentic experience for viewers who know the original Pixar film backwards and forwards. They have painstakingly recreated the film shot-for-shot using their own toys and materials. To spread word about its recent completion, they have used their live-action footage to mirror the first trailer released for the film back in 1995. Take a look at it after the break!

In addition to editing their footage into a trailer, the team has put together a brief message explaining why they have not simply thrown their film up on YouTube for the general public to see. Unsure of whether they would be violating any copyright laws (I am unclear on that as well), they are reaching out to Pixar to give them the go-ahead to put up their live-action recreation. I have to say, that is an extremely honorable move on their part, as they seem to truly respect the studio and its properties.

Watch the trailer and their message in the video below:

For comparison’s sake, here is the first trailer released for Toy Story:

I sure hope we have the opportunity to see the full project. They clearly put in a great deal of hard work and they would no-doubt like nothing more than to give us the ability to enjoy their production.

For more, visit their official Facebook page.

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  • otterprods

    That’s a really cool piece of work which does justice to the original film. I’m sure the creatives at Pixar will appreciate what these guys did, but they won’t be able to give permission for any sort of official distribution because there are corporate copyrights and a huge money-making franchise involved. The lawyers will never agree to diluting down their holdings in that way. However, I won’t be surprised if the Pixar folks will be eager to view it internally and they may even be able to feature it in part in a DVD special feature or something like that (like they did with the sock puppet version of The Incredibles). If nothing else, they can use this preview as part of a killer demo reel to get started in the industry, if that’s they inspire to do…