Awesome: New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Concept Art Features Animated John Lasseter

Wreck-It Ralph may not be a Pixar film, but the latest animated film from Disney has me extremely excited for its creative and original storyline – an arcade game character named Wreck-It Ralph is a villain who is tired of being the “bad guy” and tours various gaming worlds to determine where he would best fit. Disney is looking to give the film an authentic video game feel with cameos from such well-known characters such as Sonic, Bowser, Q*Bert, and Chun-Li (among many others). It was already one of my most anticipated films of the year and then I saw some new concept art which has me even more thrilled. One piece even features a cameo from a certain famous Pixar and Disney personality!

Denise from MouseSteps was walking by the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and saw that the artwork for Pixar’s Brave has been replaced with pre-production art for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. Among the many beautiful pieces of art, one sticks out for it is unmistakably an animated version of Pixar and Disney Animation Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter:

Lasseter has had quite an influence on Disney Animation since he took over as CCO for the company. Many have credited his presence there for the recent improvement in the animated films coming from the Mouse House – Bolt, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Winne The Pooh, and now Wreck-It Ralph. Personally, I hope to see the studio working on more 2D films (a la Pooh), as I do not want to see the art form abandoned. It is true that computer animation is raking in far more cash these days than traditional hand-drawn animation, but I hope to see Disney (and other major studios) take the riskier 2D route to tell a great story.

Either way, Wreck-It Ralph looks like it is shaping up to be a smart film full of heart. Here is a selection of the film’s concept art that can be seen at Disney World:

Head on over to MouseSteps for the full lowdown on Wreck-It Ralph concept art, as Denise has posted over 100 photos from the exhibit.

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