Stunning ‘La Luna’ Concept Art

Each year, Pixar and Chronicle Books team up to release an art book based on the newest feature film from the animation studio. However, we have seen far less artwork from the pre-production of Pixar shorts – we saw a selection in The Art of Pixar Short Films hardcover (currently out of print) and in the recent Art of Pixar book. Artist Dice Tsutsumi, who worked with director Enrico Casarosa on La Luna‘s visual development, has released some stunning pieces of concept art created long before the short made its debut in theaters. Take a look at the artwork’s beauty after the break!

La Luna is not only one of the best shorts from Pixar, it is also one of the most beautiful. That seems to have been conveyed from the beginning through Tsutsumi’s fantastic artwork, which you can marvel at below:

I hope to see a Volume 2 of The Art of Pixar Shorts soon – there is simply way too much gorgeous Pixar art that we never get the opportunity to see.

La Luna is currently playing in theaters with Brave.

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