‘Monsters, Inc. 3D’ Now Set For Release In December

Did you ever think there would be a year where we would see three Pixar feature films hit theaters? 2012 seems to be the answer…well, kind of. Disney and Pixar are re-releasing Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. in 3D, and while Nemo is still sitting on its September release, there are now reports that Disney has pushed Monsters, Inc 3D up from 2013 into 2012. Read on for more details after the break!

With Brave seeing release in June and Finding Nemo 3D arriving on September 14, there were already two Pixar films scheduled for 2012. However, Box Office Mojo is now reporting that Monsters, Inc. 3D has been pushed from its original January 13, 2013 date up to December 19 of this year. That brings this year’s grand total of Pixar films to three – they may not be three new films, but considering the two releases are beloved by many, it is sure to bring some extra holiday cheer.

As to why the change in release was made, that is a mystery. It likely has to do with some large amount of research done by Disney that Christmas-time would be a better fit for the Monsters, Inc. re-release. That will bring the amount of 3D re-releases by Disney to three this year, as Beauty and the Beast 3D hit theaters back in January. After the stellar performance of The Lion King 3D (it made almost $100 million in North America alone!), there is no surprise that Disney wants to return its classic films to theaters. While some may question the 3D transfer, for audiences that missed the chance to see the films in theaters the first time around, this will be a great second opportunity. It also brings to memory the times that Disney would re-release its early films in theaters every few years before VHS (then DVD, then Blu-ray) re-releases became its go-to option.

Monsters, Inc. 3D arrives in theaters on December 19, 2012.

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