‘Brave’ Crosses $200 Million Mark At The Box Office

Pixar films have a phenomenally consistent record at the box office, averaging well over $200 million in North America alone. Before last week, nine of the previously released 12 films from the animation studio had settled at a number larger than $200 million. Brave has followed in the footsteps of those films and just last week joined them, crossing the mark last Wednesday. Factoring in the film’s gross from this weekend, it climbed the chart of Pixar films to become the ninth biggest (domestically) from the studio.

(All of the numbers included below are courtesy of Box Office Mojo.)

The numbers for Brave this weekend follow:

  • Friday……..$1,936,197
  • Saturday….$2,289,035
  • Sunday……$1,799,755

This brings its latest weekend total to $6,024,987, representing an approximate drop of 46% when compared to its last weekend gross of $11,160,522. When a film is past its first month of release, any drop smaller than 50% is a sign that it continues to bring in audiences.

Brave‘s total domestic take now stands at a grand $208,774,173. It leapt over the original Toy Story ($191,796,233) a little over a week ago and just this past Saturday, passed Ratatouille ($206,445,654) to claim the spot of ninth highest-grossing Pixar film in North America. Depending on its staying power over the next several weeks, Brave has a chance at leap-frogging WALL-E, which is sitting pretty at about $224 million

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