Comic-Con 2012: Pixar Costumes

Each year, about 130,000 people descend upon San Diego to attend Comic-Con, which has evolved into a massive event focused on film, TV, comics, and pop culture. Many cosplay (definition for those who may not know: they wear costumes) and put together incredibly intricate designs to bring their favorite characters to life. Brave‘s Merida is the first female lead in a Pixar film, so it comes as no surprise that there are fans who have donned costumes, bringing the red-haired princess to the real world. Take a look at some Merida cosplayers, as well as a costume mash-up of two Pixar films from San Diego Comic-Con after the break!

Da7e from Cinema Blend has been taking photos of various cosplayers on the convention floor, which includes two Princess Meridas and a Mr. Incredible.

First up is Merida, brave enough to stand alone:

Then there’s Merida in a sea of Disney princesses:

This last one is quite an interesting mash-up of what you would get if Mr. Incredible patrolled the forests of Scotland:

These are just from Day 1 at the show! If we come across more, we’ll make sure to add them here.

It will be fun to see how popular Merida is as Halloween draws closer. Bows and arrows are definitely the new cool thing. Also, who doesn’t want to walk around with a huge wig of red hair?! With all the bright red, you are sure to stick out among all of the ghost, goblin, and witch costumes.

Are you thinking about or do you know anyone else who is weighing the option of dressing up as Merida this Halloween?

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