Watch: Disney/Pixar-Inspired Art Gallery Opens At Downtown Disney In California

We are wild about seeing the creativity that artists can display through their artwork. That is one of the reasons that we started PixArt, which encourages artists to use Pixar characters in their own pieces of artwork and provide a unique perspective. On June 9, Disney opened up the WonderGround Gallery, a new space to feature a rotating set of Disney- and Pixar-inspired pieces. Located at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, it brought in many art collectors and fans who were eager to get a look at the original pieces of work. After the break, check out a video that covers the exciting opening weekend!

Disney Insider posted a video on YouTube spotlighting the space and the artists who participated:

It is great to see Disney celebrating characters from its Pixar and Disney Animation divisions by letting artists from outside of the company experiment with them. Many great pieces were on display (and on sale), including the following (images via Disney Insider):

We are very proud that The Pixar Times’ Art Director Jerrod Maruyama was one of the featured artists. Congratulations to Jerrod and all the other artists whose work made it into the gallery! I hope to see the gallery open long into the future, as the possibilities are numerous – we are sure to see many more pieces oozing with creativity there.

The WonderGround Gallery is now open at Downtown Disney in California!

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