Watch: 13-Minute Doc Tells The Story Of Cars Land

Prior to its opening two weeks ago, Cars Land at Disney California Adventure had been in development for over five years. Disney Imagineers wanted visitors to the new section of the park to feel as if they had been transported into the film. To achieve that feat, years of meticulous research and planning were essential. The Blue Sky Cellar, the park’s preview center for upcoming attractions has been playing a short documentary, featuring stories from Cars creator (and Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering) John Lasseter, along with many of the Imagineers who worked on the extensive project. Take a look at the touching video after the break!

Those who have been lucky to visit Cars Land over the last two weeks have seen Radiator Springs come to life. In the 13-minute video below (via Disney Parks Blog), watch how the idea went from concept to reality.

The addition of Cars Land pulls together a unique set of attractions. It honors classic rides (Luigi’s Flying Tires is an updated form of the original Flying Saucers ride at Disneyland), and infuses them with new tech to make them safer and more reliable. Additionally, the rock facade that can be seen in the background of Cars Land is truly a marvel, its beauty only increasing with the shadows and light interacting during sunset. If you wondered whether the dark overtaking the light would lead to a decreased sense of enjoyment, the Imagineers thought of that, too – the various buildings, restaurants, and attractions light up with neon lights, essentially providing theme park-goers with an entirely different experience.

Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer (via Disney Parks Blog)

There is no one reason why Cars Land is a success in design. Put all the various aspects of the new land together (design, beauty, creativity) and all of a sudden, you’ve created a sense of wonder.

Cars Land is now open at Disney California Adventure.

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