Disney Holiday Gift Preview 2012: Pixar Merchandise

Yesterday, Disney provided me with an extensive tour of its upcoming merchandise for the next few months. Unsurprisingly, given their popularity, we will be seeing new toy lines from both the Toy Story and Cars franchises. With Monsters University still a year away, the big focus is on Brave merch at the moment, though, as bow and arrow sets continue to sell out across Disney Stores and other retailers. After the break, get a preview of some of the merchandise based on Pixar films you can expect to see at retailers soon.

Surrounded by Brave merchandise that is in stores now, there were a few new talking dolls that will be arriving soon (Note: A story spoiler lies ahead):

There is no franchise that has been more popular in the toy department than Cars. There will be a brand new toy line from Mattel called “Cars Take Flight,” featuring the characters geared up to fly (should be a nice segue to Planes).

The description for the Lightning McQueen Hawk ($43.99) follows:

Inspired by the new flight-themed Disney•Pixar Cars Toons short “Air Mater” comes Lightning McQueen Hawk. With exciting transformation play, Lightning McQueen converts from a car into an airplane with wings. In driving mode Lightning McQueen has driving sounds and phrases. Once transformed into a plane he reveals rocker booster lights and fun projectiles. Lightning McQueen Hawk features built-in sensors so his phrases and sound effects respond to kids’ movements. Kids will love reliving animated scenes and creating new “air-ventures” with this beloved character. Ages 4+

Additionally, Mattel will be launching another line called “Cars Micro Drifters,” mini-vehicles that travel quickly and self-correct their orientation if their turns are too wide.

Each vehicle in the assortment carries a price tag of $5.99:

Mattel brings high impact racing to a small scale with Cars Micro Drifters™, the latest innovation in miniature vehicles. Utilizing a unique ball-bearing design, these collectible characters can race, drift, swarm and even self-correct themselves to always face in a forward direction when played with on a track set. Sold in trios, fans will want to collect all 18 of their favorite Cars vehicles. Ages 4+

The track above serves as the playground for these Micro Drifters and will retail for $29.99:

See just what these dynamic Cars Micro Drifters™ can do on the new Micro Drifters™ Super Speedway. This motorized set provides a variety of driving surfaces that replicate the films’ famous race scenes so kids can keep the on-screen fun at home. In the end there can only be one winner, and with the flip of a small lever, kids can see who places first, second and third. Track comes with one Micro Drifters™ vehicle. Ages 4+

 Here is a selection of some of the other Cars merchandise making its way to stores, including Happy Nappers ($29.99), which transform from a pillow into a plush:

There will be a wide variety of Toy Story merchandise coming as well. Partysaurus Rex, which some have speculated may be the next Toy Story Toon (Disney employees at the event were unsure) was represented in the form of a bath set. To throw some more evidence onto that rumor, the packaging states “As Seen In Partysaurus Rex.” The splash boat and splash buddies two-pack is priced at $19.99:

Buzz Lightyear toys have been on fire ever since a short supply hit stores back in 1995 when the first film came out and instantly sold out. A new Power Blaster Buzz is priced at $44.99:

Buzz is ready for combat with his Power Blaster and Quantum Energy Shield. Complete with 4 different settings, Combat Mode, Defence Mode, Protection Mode and Play Mode. The poseable action figure comes complete with a retractable helmet, pop-out wings, laser lights and SFX and comes to life with over 20 classic Buzz sayings. Approximately 12″ tall. Batteries included for try me demonstration. Replace with new batteries (not included) for full function play. Ages 4 and up.

Additionally, there are new full-size Buzz, Rex, and Zurg figures on the way:

Additionally, we saw Toy Story Happy Nappers ($29.99) that are also incoming:

 Finally, there is the item that is likely the highest-anticipated on this list, as fans have been pining for it for years now. After its brief re-release in 3D this September, Finding Nemo will see release on Blu-ray in December:

I am sure the Finding Nemo Blu-ray set will be a very popular gift item. The underwater environments should only look more stunning and vibrant in the high-definition format.

Whether you are looking for gift items or are just looking to add to your own personal collection, if you choose Pixar merchandise, you should have a wide variety of choices.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.fuhrman1 Jacob Fuhrman

    How tall is the Zurg toy?

    • http://pixartimes.com Samad Rizvi

      I believe it was about 12″ in height.

    • josue fuentes

      Its 15 inches tall brown

      • josue fuentes

        Sorry I mentioned bro

  • http://twitter.com/HPonBD Jorge Garcia

    The Finding Nemo cover is lenticular?

  • Brian

    Was the Zurg said to made by Thinkway ?

    • josue fuentes

      No it is a Disney store exclusive toy

  • BossMasterLongboardingBeast

    Anyone know what company that Rex is?

  • natashazara@libero.it

    hi i’m natasha and i’m italian…i have an autistic brother who want a pixar toy…and i’m trying to find it…its name is “mike’s new car”…do you know where i can find it?

  • natashazara@libero.it

    this is the toy