PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine – Batch 2

We’re back with more great art celebrating Pixar heroines, as part of our countdown to Brave. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed. We will continue posting new art throughout the entire month of June. Deadline for submissions is June 15th so make sure to get us your piece soon! Contact us if you have any questions about submission requirements or deadlines. After the jump, check out Batch 2 of our artistic salute to Pixar heroines!

In this batch we’re featuring 8 pieces of art from Amy Mebberson, Alan Cassio Fonseca, Brooke Condolora, Carrie Copa, Josh Freeman, Morgan Ditta, Paulo Henrique and Rogie! Make sure to check out the rest of their work by clicking on their  names for links to their portfolios.

View Batch 1, which has 10 more pieces of artwork, here.

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