On Sale Now: ‘La Luna’ Hardcover

These days, Brave is the Pixar film that is getting most of the attention, with a huge ad campaign promoting its upcoming release. While the feature film is nearing its final days of production, the new short La Luna wrapped in 2011, premiering at the Annecy International Film Festival last summer. It is making its worldwide debut with Brave in June, but a new book featuring the film’s story has just been released today.

The short screened around the world late-2011 on its way to an Academy Award nomination. The beautiful short is packed with gorgeous visuals, so I was excited when I learned that a book re-telling the heart-warming story was on the way. Even better, the 40-page book’s art is by the short’s director himself, Enrico Casarosa. Moving away from the film’s polished animation style, the story is told through watercolor drawings. While some may mistake it for a children’s book, it is certain to be a great addition to any collector’s shelf.

“La Luna” is on sale now at bookstores nationwide. It is available on Amazon for $10.11 (33% off). However, be warned as the book is an adaptation and will spoil the breathtaking moments from the short.

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