‘Brave’ Gets PG Rating From MPAA

Shocking no one, Brave received a PG rating from the MPAA. After viewing the first half hour of the film last month, I had little doubt that it would be rated PG – characters are placed in significant danger and face scary situations. While we have come to expect a certain amount of intensity from Pixar films, Brave is one of the few to feature humans as the lead characters. What exactly did the MPAA cite as their reasoning for the rating – find out after the jump!

In the latest bulletin issued by the MPAA (and seen in the Kilt Featurette released yesterday), Brave has been rated PG “for some scary action and rude humor.” Judging from the brief appearances of kilt-lifting and a prominent bosom here and there, I think we have the rude humor covered. (UPDATE: I have now seen the film and it may be in your interest to know that the rude humor includes a few seconds of partial nudity – male butts to be specific.) The scary action likely comes from the film’s inclusion of the demon bear Mor’du, who director Mark Andrews was determined to make as monstrous as possible. Additionally, the forest, seen most recently in the latest trailer for the film, is an extremely eerie setting, even for a Pixar film.

The first Pixar film with a female lead joins The Incredibles and Up as the only feature films from the Emeryville-based studio to earn a PG rating. The major similarity between the three films? – they each star humans. In the well-known bizarre reasoning that runs rampant throughout the MPAA, it seems that you can have anything but humans placed in real danger, but once it is the human characters that face dire circumstances it is enough to warrant a PG rating. Cars 2, which had characters being killed and tortured, was rated G – replace those cars with humans and it would likely have been rated PG.

Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian have stressed that the film has a certain “darkness” to it, which was essential to deliver the story that they wanted. Merida must face off against a bear, tradition, and most importantly, her mother. Her troubles with the latter will be at the forefront of the film’s story, with the mother-daughter relationship being a representation of the “heart” that Pixar’s films are so well known for.

Brave, rated PG (which may or may not be important to you), arrives in theaters on June 22.

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  • Midway6Mom

    You said nothing about the partial nudity adding to the reason for the PG rating. Why wouldn’t that have a bearing on the rating?

    • http://pixartimes.com Samad Rizvi

      I apologize but this article was written before I saw Brave, so it was based solely on what the MPAA said in its reasoning for a PG rating. I will update it with the warning. Thanks for bringing it up!

  • cheryl

    i saw the movie with my 13 year old son. He is your tippical (sp) teenage boy karate , skates and video games. We both were shocked and thought that was uncalled for in the movie and could not believe they would put that in a children’s movie. I like how when they show the previews they don’t show that part. Why’s that…. Because they know most parents would not take their children to go see a movie with a bunch of grown men running past the camera with no pants on. It is just like everything else. lets see how much they take and keep sneaking more in till they just except it. That’s how it is with tv, radio, billboards and magazines. I think that should not be in a children’s movie at all. i think when they show you the ratings on tv after they show you the clip of the movie the reason for the ratings should be much bigger , because i can barley see it.and on longer so you can clearly see it and know why the rating is what it is. i know you could say you could ask at the movies when you go but i’m sorry i certainly was not expecting that. I’ve never seen any thing like that in a children’s movie and didn’t even know it was aloud. i would have been really upset if i would have taken a little girl to go see it. And no to me it isn’t cute or funny. well thanks for listening and the next movie this company makes i will read and ask much more since i see the kind of things this company is putting in their movies now .

  • bob

    simpsons always have butts showwing