Watch: ‘Brave’ Kilt Featurette Parodies Fashion Ads

With Brave set in ancient Scotland, kilts are the go-to article of clothing for the male characters of the film. Pixar actually designed the unique patterns on the kilts that represent each of the various tribes of the kingdom. You can eye the designs in a new featurette released exclusively by Apple Trailers, which parodies the often (unintentionally) hilarious fashion ads that play on TV and movie screens. Take a look at the Brave featurette in HD after the jump!

There is also a glimpse or two at some footage we have not seen yet. One of the cooler images is King Fergus going up against the demon bear Mor’du (blink and you’ll miss it). View the featurette in 1080p below:

Brave makes its way into theaters on June 22.

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  • Autumn

    I saw this earlier this morning and cracked up. Love it. And it seems that it’s got an official rating now too, at the end of the video?

    Speaking of snippets of new footage, I just found a site that features the latest Spanish trailer for Brave. The first two thirds are pretty much identical to the Families/Legend trailer, but the last third is different, and there are a few things we haven’t seen before: I love the shot of Merida and Angus with the eagle flying overhead, and Fergus and the lords riding downhill through the woods.