July 24, 2014

Video of the Day: ‘Toy Story 3′ Finale In Live-Action

The folks over at the Live-Action Toy Story Project (Facebook link may only work for those in the U.S.) have been working hard at developing a shot-for-shot live-action re-enactment of the classic Pixar film that started it all. For a class project, the team filmed a live-action version of the final scene in Toy Story 3 – yes, the scene that left millions tearing up behind their 3D glasses. Considering the difficulties of working with plastic toys and a child actor, I think it came out really well. Take a look after the jump!

Obviously, this is a spoiler for those who have yet to see Toy Story 3. Check out the video below:

What did you think of the video?

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  • Dave

    They do an amazing job on the acting and going along with the movie, but I much prefer the animated version… :)

  • Marine Tumelaire

    Really good work ! Touching scene and very loyal to the anime version !

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.e.adams Deborah Elaine Adams

    this made me cry…such good memories