Brave’s Merida Makes Her Disney World Debut At Epcot

Prior to her official debut at the Magic Kingdom, Brave‘s Princess Merida has started practicing her meet-and-greets at Epcot in Walt Disney World. With her unique look, Merida is sure to attract a crowd, even before she has made her film debut. However, once she hits the screen in Brave on June 22, expect the wait times to bask in her presence to increase tremendously. Take a look at some videos from her debut after the jump!

Mouse Steps posted the photo above, along with the following videos of Merida answering some questions. It is difficult to assess how accurately the Pixar princess is portrayed by the Cast Member, but she sure is excited!


Merida makes her official debut at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland later this month.

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  • Alexandro Fantino Pérez Campos

    Isn’t she a beauty? I don’t know what it is, but I find her quite appealing. When she’s pretending to have a bow and an arrow she really looks like the CG Merida. I WANT TO WATCH BRAVE NOW!

  • Modeltrainman


  • SammyB95

    That is actually pretty amazing lol her hair is exactly the same :O

  • ls3370

    Sounds more Irish than Scottish – need to get a wee bit more practice in with the accent – surely there must be a Scottish lassie working somewhere in one of the Disney parks!