PixArt: April 2012 Feature II – Monsters Elementary

Next year’s Monsters University will go back in time and show us Monsters, Inc.‘s Mike and Sulley in College. Today’s PixArt piece goes back just a little bit further. From the creative mind of artist Eliane Horie comes this fun take on the little monsters’ first day of school. The whole gang is here in this beautifully crafted and irresistibly adorable image. Like much of the work you’ll find on her site, this colorful piece is a true labor of love. Read on for more about this super talented Pixar fan in her own words.

Name: Eliane Horie

Website/Blog/Portfolio: libzed.com

I currently live in… Brazil.

I consider my hometown to be… somewhere with snowy mountains.

My favorite Pixar movie is… Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 3. I love them both!

My favorite Pixar character is… Mike Wazowski.

Tell us about your piece:

I have loved Monsters, Inc. since the first time I saw it in the movies so many years ago, and ever since they announced a sequel (or better, a prequel), I knew that the PixArt I was going to do had to be something like this. Even though it’s a fact now that Sulley and Mike weren’t always the best friends they are now, I always thought that maybe they could’ve grown up together, since they were toddlers. So I thought it would be funny to have this painting be a still frame from a home movie of both of them going to kindergarten holding hands, almost as if Sulley was the big brother, taking care of little Mikey. I really hope you guys like this, as even though it took me forever to paint this, I’ve poured my heart into it. It was beyond fun.

Who/What inspires you?

Animation. I don’t think there’s really anything else that inspires me more to do what I do. Everytime I’m feeling down or uninspired, I simply play any animated movie I have near me, and I already start to feel inspiration starting to flow within me.

Recommend something, anything to our readers:

There’s a really good book called “The Perfect Bait,” by Bobby Chiu. It’s incredibly inspirational and anyone that’s in the animation/illustration industry should read this. They also have an audiobook, great for listening while working!

Shameless self-promotion:

This year I started to work as a freelance digital artist! If you’re interested in my art, give me a shout at libz[at]libzed[dot]com. If you feel like, you can visit my site at libzed.com for more pieces! I’ll be happy to have you over!

Our thanks to Eliane for this wonderful piece. If you’d like to be a Featured PixArt artist, Contact Us and send us a link to your portfolio today!

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