Watch: ‘Brave’ Final Theatrical Trailer

In the wee hours of the morning, Disney/Pixar unveiled the final theatrical trailer for Brave. It gives us a summary of the set-up for the film, with Merida being unhappy that she is being forced to marry. She is a fiery redhead, deadly with a bow and arrow, and just does not want to follow the traditions of the land. Mostly a collection of footage from the various trailers and clips that have been released thus far, we do get a few shots from later in the film. Watch the trailer after the jump!

The most recent still released by Disney/Pixar is one of the new scenes we get a very short look at:

Watch the final theatrical trailer for Brave below (UPDATE: Disney/Pixar has uploaded a 1080p version, giving the trailer the title, “Families Legend”):

The look of this film continues to astound me. The breathtaking landscapes that we are seeing for the first time are nothing short of glorious. Also, that last shot is pretty kick-ass, piquing my curiosity without giving away the ending. Intriguing!

What do you think of the trailer? Has it made you more or less excited to see Brave?

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  • bex burgess

    I’ve always been a bit perplexed as to why Brave never carried the wonderful Pixar tradition of doing rather uncoventional trailers, makes me wonder if it’s either going in a more conventional direction, or if they have so much confidence in it that they dont need the fun teasers they normally do for their films.
    That aside, this trailer showed much more of what I expect and enjoy from Pixar- a good and emotional story, and I’m loving the detail in research for the setting, and the gaelic song at the end was very nice :)

    • Autumn

      I think, especially considering the strong reaction from some of the Pixar animators to the Japanese trailer — you know, tweets that said “there are a lot of spoilers so please try your hardest NOT to watch it” — what’s going on is that they’re bound and determined to show us the movie in bite size *without* giving away the main plot twists that comprise the adventure plot. I mean, some of us know what certain of those twists are, but since some of us don’t, I’m going to have to be as vague as the trailers have been. Some of those twists, I imagine, are so important that it’s taken absolute contortions *not* to show them or give anything away. Probably why we’ve seen so much (some things repeated often, even) from the first act of the movie, and not the second or third. Probably why we also have yet to see the witch show her face.

      I think it’s because this film *is* quite unconventional (at least, from what I’ve heard it definitely promises to be so) that the trailers may be presenting it in a more conventional way. You know, appeal to kids, get families into the theatres, and then wow them with what they haven’t yet seen of the movie.

  • William Jardine

    This film looks epic beyond words! Pixar seem to have done it again.

  • Autumn

    Pixar, if I could fast-forward time, I’d be standing in line at the movies right now and gleefully forking over all my money.

    • Ashley

      I agree 100%!!! This trailer has me pumped up even more about it then before!

  • Modeltrainman

    Count me in!