Closer Look At More Stunning ‘Brave’ Concept Art

The downpour of Brave concept art continues! It’s Art Magazine has debuted several new pieces of concept art from the film, featuring a number of the main characters. We get to see more pre-production artwork for Merida, her family, along with the beautiful landscape of Scotland (which may as well be a character). Again, we have seen these before in the Disney World Brave exhibit, but one cannot deny that it is always better to get a better look at the art in a higher resolution format. Take a peek at the nine pieces of stunning artwork after the jump!

My favorite, from this batch, has to be Steve Pilcher’s gorgeous piece of Merida peering out from behind a wall, sword and shield in hand. Pixar and Chronicle Books seem to like that one too, as it is the cover art for The Art of Brave, which you can pre-order now!

Brave opens in theaters a little over two months from now, on June 22nd.

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  • anon

    Looks sweet

  • shadypotential

    Did Full Sail ask to advertised on this website?

  • Manda

    Ugh, these are so gorgeous. I want to marry this movie. ♥

  • Alyssa

    think of how (infinitely more) beautiful the movie would have been if it was done with REAL animation (hand-drawn, classic 2-D) instead of cheap, CGI garbage.