July 28, 2014

Closer Look At More Stunning ‘Brave’ Concept Art

The downpour of Brave concept art continues! It’s Art Magazine has debuted several new pieces of concept art from the film, featuring a number of the main characters. We get to see more pre-production artwork for Merida, her family, along with the beautiful landscape of Scotland (which may as well be a character). Again, we have seen these before in the Disney World Brave exhibit, but one cannot deny that it is always better to get a better look at the art in a higher resolution format. Take a peek at the nine pieces of stunning artwork after the jump!

My favorite, from this batch, has to be Steve Pilcher’s gorgeous piece of Merida peering out from behind a wall, sword and shield in hand. Pixar and Chronicle Books seem to like that one too, as it is the cover art for The Art of Brave, which you can pre-order now!

Brave opens in theaters a little over two months from now, on June 22nd.

All images above are ©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Source : It's Art Magazine

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  • anon

    Looks sweet

  • shadypotential

    Did Full Sail ask to advertised on this website?

  • Manda

    Ugh, these are so gorgeous. I want to marry this movie. ♥

  • Alyssa

    think of how (infinitely more) beautiful the movie would have been if it was done with REAL animation (hand-drawn, classic 2-D) instead of cheap, CGI garbage.