Watch: New ‘Brave’ Featurette Talks Merida’s Story, Shows New Footage

A new Brave featurette was posted early this morning on the Walt Disney Studios France YouTube channel. It serves as a primer for what the story of the film will be, giving us a look at some previously unseen scenes. The video also provides us with Merida’s motivation for why she wants things to change in her kingdom. She may think that what she is doing is best for her, but there are going to be some serious repercussions. Take a look at the video after the jump!

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The featurette is in English and has French subtitles (a subtitle-less version will likely be posted soon). UPDATE: Yahoo! Movies has posted the featurette for us. It looks like it will be part of a series of featurettes talking about the various aspects of the film. The one below is entitled, “Brave Stories: Merida.”

Thanks to Sami for the heads up about the video.

Brave rolls into theaters on June 22 in the U.S. and Canada.

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  • SammyB95

    The new footage looks great! i love the bit when Mérida is dancing next to the waterfall. Absolutely stunning!