New ‘Brave’ Concept Art Features Mysterious Forest

I was one of a lucky few invited to learn more about Brave at Pixar last week. We were shown 30 minutes from the film and were able to speak to director Mark Andrews, producer Katherine Sarafian, and several more of the employees who are now working to finish up the film soon. Additionally, we were able to see some of the pre-production art created to give the artists a visual perspective of the film. The art was so stunning and full of personality that I could stand and look at the pieces all day. We now have the chance to do that with a gorgeous piece that Disney/Pixar revealed through their Facebook page. Check it out after the jump!

As part of a demonstration of the progression from research to concept art to final frame, the official Brave Facebook page has unveiled some new images, with the piece of art serving as the centerpiece. View all three images here:

BRAVE Travel Progression: Forest - Research

BRAVE Travel Progression: Forest - Concept Art

BRAVE Travel Progression: Forest - Final Frame

The process seen here, beginning to end, is laid out beautifully but it takes years to complete. Brave, in particular was a challenging one, with the film spending about seven years in development. I am always eager to get a peek into the production of films, as all most viewers see is the finished product. Thinking about how much work is put into something that viewers spend 90-120 minutes watching is mind-boggling.

I am dying to get a look at The Art of Brave hardcover coming from Chronicle Books. It is consistently inspiring to see the evolution of pre-production artwork, from the very first sketch created to the final designs of the characters. There is no doubt that it will be an amazing collection.

You can pre-order the book here.

Brave hits theaters, along with La Luna, on June 22.

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  • Alexandro Fantino Pérez Campos

    That’s amazing! The render looks like a painting! It’s so beautiful!

  • SammyB95

    Awesome stuff! the forest looks so lush and colorful

  • Ana Hine

    That facebook page link doesn’t work….

    • SammyB95

      yeah it doesn’t work for me either :( apparently, if you live in the UK you can’t go on the US Brave page; you can only go on the ‘UK and Ireland’ one. That’s what happened to me anyway