Official ‘Brave’ Website Receives Major Update

On the heels of a new trailer release in less than 2 days, the official website for Brave has received a major update. Included in the overhaul are new images and downloads of beautifully crafted wallpapers. With the film arriving in almost exactly four months, the marketing is just beginning to ramp up, so expect things to get more exciting as the June release date approaches. After the jump, check out some of the great new additions to the official website!

The official description for the film is now paired with great artwork:

Additionally, a new character section has been added, with character descriptions and downloads. The various characters are mapped out on another great piece:

Brave arrives in U.S. and Canadian theaters on June 22! View the official website for the film and all its nice additions here.

Thanks to Frank for the heads up!

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  • Justin Allison

    These pictures highlight the blue whisps we’ve seen before and it seems that they are going to be extremely important in her encounter with the witch.